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Top 100 Yoruba Slangs in Nigeria and their meanings

Slangs are substitute words that have been widely used in different languages and countries for easy communication and have been widely accepted over time. In Nigeria, most slangs are derived from musical artistes, as part of songs lyrics,and others are simply derived from contextually derived words from Native languages, and that of Yoruba is not too different from this.

There are many Nigerian slangs derived from Pidgin English, some of which are recently adapted into Oxford dictionary through the concerted efforts of some language experts and academicians in the country. But aside pidgin sources, Yoruba language is also a good contributor to the enrichment of slangs usage in the Nigeria, and even though you may not understand the language, you may still be able to relate with the slangs from that part of the country, especially when you live in popular Yoruba cities like, Lagos and Ibadan.

So, let’s look at 100 Yoruba Slangs in Nigeria and their relative meaning in English.

Top 100 Yoruba Slangs & their English Meaning

Má goorDon't Dull
O'poorThis is too much
O sha Pra PraSmart & Dope
MugunScammed fool
Máa lo sùnDon't slack or sleep off
JáráAdd little more
LóbátánIt's finished
Ma bóbò mi joDon't deceive me
Ma fóoBe strong or don't be weak
MúulèBeing lied to
Gbójú nbèForget about it/Ignore
Ehn enIs that so? Really??
FáashìWalk away
DòbodéCompound Fool
Ò'tèyFool or Dunce
GbaayiiMuch Respected
Paa wonIntimidate them
KàkáBig Ass
Gbe bodi ePark well or carry your body
O wa nbeIt's still intact
MérùulèDrop something
FanimorousIt's inviting
O ta lénu Too sophisticated Too Sohisticated or so dope
O ma loud ganGonna be massive
Fèsù l'óyànCalling for trouble
O sán lóríCrazily or Insane
O yapaIt's plenty
O lekuIt's Serious
AlayéGuy man
O fóká síbèWell ingrained or embedded
O sojiWoke or be invoke
O jááTo be awake & smart
SháshéEngaging in internet fraud
Gbe'tánCarry once & for all
LanàOld fashioned & rickety
O ta kébéAlerting/Bouncing
O bólè ko foRugged & Durable
TanasobeSmall torchlight phone
GbantueyoFake or irrelevant
AgánránBrand new
TokunboFairly used
OsharaTear rubber or brand new
O ti jetanYou're finished or you have finished it
O gon ti oIt's huge
SháyóTipsy or drunk
O rè e jo or O ré e niYou're sick behaviorally
Oga AdeThis guy
Omo wobeStreet boys or girls
IyalayaaWho dares' (Mother of all mothers)
LaulauActing excessively or Overdoing or Carefree
KilonseleWhat's good? Or what's happening
Ó yá nowLet's go or Let's begin
Ja'a paaRun away from troubles or danger
Mo fó oI'm tripped or impressed
SentimamokanTake heart
O be speakerTo open up or divulged information or leak secret
Ma teju mi moleDon't disrespect me
O ka ti foBursted or Secret now openly known
Isé ti yatoThings have changed for good
Opon ti sunUpgraded
A ti le poTogether or partnering
Wos wobiHey, look here
Igara chickenFeeling proud or raising feathers like Chicken to brag
Ma nàgèrèDon't dull yourself
Maa gbemi moraDont whine me
Omo EleHot chick girl (Pretty girl)
Ma wara roDon't be relaxed
È shá ni jóIt's a small thing or quite insignificant
Yoruba DemonFine or cute Yoruba tribeman
Mo gbedi or Mo juruI throw salute
Tá'tánGive it all relentlessly
E'fiiko or E'fiweeStudious & brilliant
ÒrìjóExamination Cheats
E ti e ro omi siiPush to start car (Problematic car)
O'lashéPassed or have an high score in exam
Gbagbe OshiForget that trash pls
O'nbe - Ò'yàBeing impatient or jumping carelessly
LepaaSkinny girl
ÒròbòFat girl
AjepakoBorn into poor home
BottiBorn into rich home
E'rúukúDreaded bad street guys
IbileNative folks
PalasaOld/ almost spoilt phone
Yaamu or BoskoroFairly used clothes
Jara eWake up

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