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Iro po Viral Video: Lessons & Meaning

With Iro po raving social noise, It’s hard to say anything now like an advice or motivation online make e no turn Lori iro challenge.  If you write something like “You can still make it life if you don’t lose hope”, you go hear Iro po😆.

Pastors and Alfa go hear am too for their religious homes.  Even parents sef go hear am like your son disgracing you when talking with iro ti po repete.  

Wetin that man, two minutes video don cause for social space in the last 72hrs no be small thing oo. The composition is so powerful.  You are my sugercane Lori iro, you are my puff puff Lori iro.   Lol.

Lori iro message goes to say how we proudly do things and say it even though we are telling nothing but lies..   Many people lie easily and that man broke very serious table.

His composition shows a man that is full of wisdom and had seen a lot, especially with youthful guys  who promise their girls heaven and earth just to make them have their ways and the rest becomes “had I know”..

Lori iro’s composition looks like a forewarning tale against lies that comes with Valentine, a supposed celebration for love by true lovers but often turn something else.  The man’s outburst is nothing but  a factual deep reflection of many lies we have around as a people.

The man and the person that filmed him deserve some accolade for shaking the social wave.  I think he should be reached and told about how far his “Agbole” ghetto  preaching has gone in Nigeria.

Stuff like this is what BBC Nigeria eat now.  They jump on trending news that we want to read more about and I won’t be shocked to see the BBC Yoruba Interview with Baba Iro po.

I went to Google to see if people are researching on this and Google suggested to me that people are already searching for the “meaning of Iro po” and this is interesting. I’m gonna post this too, so Google finds it.

Iro po in loose meaning is like a funny outburst or bursted lies by anyone to tell you, they can differentiate lies from truth and the way you package it or say it makes it glaring.

Iro po repete shows how enormous are the magnitude of our lies these days such that you found it everywhere, among lovers, among families, friends, Business operators and even in religious homes.

Beyond this, I must say that there are interesting contents out there to work on.  Those who do street vox Pop are seeing a lot and making lots of contents from there.

If you enter molue or Danfo in Lagos and record sellers inside buses, you will see how funny they can be.  

There is this traffic preacher recorded too, with “Sora fun obinrin ooo, Olorun a wa pelu e oo”-  people have turned that video into contents, especially in Taooma videos.

It’s interesting how little things can turn big.


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  1. Well written.

    It’s funny how anyone can easily become an internet sensation with just one video!

    Hopefully, our Iro po crooner makes money from the attention.

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