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Moving to Osun State for Business, or to Resettle? Read this.

I told a friend months back that the way OSUN STATE is expanding ehn… You will be shocked that your village is now highly developed.. And he said na true oo.. You will just be seeing new areas and new houses in places that were once your haven to hunt for squirrels.. Lol

Things are changing fast! People are moving to villages and towns you can least expect and they are developing these places.

When land is becoming costly in Oshogbo, people started reasoning Owode Ede, but to get land of 500k in Owode Ede today, you will search well.

Infact I told a friend, from Osogbo to Sekona, to Ife, if you see cheap land in any of those villages – pls buy abeg.  If you don’t enjoy them, you kids may become millionaires through selling in future.

Today, the whole Ede town is becoming Osogbo Phase II.   Not to talk of places like Okini, Ikirun road etc. 

I went to Ilobu late last year and it’s like a place I can stay and visit Osogbo 5 times a day if I want with cheap t-fare.

From Ife to Osogbo was once N200 or N250.  This is just 2017 ooo.

Ijebujesha is almost linked to Ilesha.

Okuku, Insha, Ikirun, Iree, are almost linked up.

When Lands in Ife is becoming costlier especially for workers of Ife teaching hospital and OAU staff at Opa Ilesha road, I heard many people are already moving to OSU, and are working in Ife.

What of Ipetumodu? You will see houses springing up on Ife Ibadan road, Akinola Market site particularly..  Big Churches here and there. Student Hostels. Petrol Stations.

Today I wonder what the Osun population will be presently considering it was put around 3.5M in 2006 – 15yrs ago. It shouldn’t be less than 10M..Yes.

Owode Ede today will have no less than 100,000 inhabitants. This is almost like a village 15yrs ago. Infact, you may think you have entered Osogbo when you get to Owode today.

When they tell you they are selling a plot of land at 20m in Osogbo or Ife and you asked what’s in Osun sef? These are the realities.

Jobs? Well, Majority of people in Osun are Artisans and Business owners, and many work from Osun to  serve other states.

A brother told me recently that he noticed that most landlords association are full of Artisans and Business owners and I can’t agree less. Where are the paid Jobs sef.  Most paid Jobs you find will not give you easy savings to build a house. Except you have a good well paying job with companies that have office branch in Osun and you can save well.

Well, these are few things on why I think Osun is growing.

1. Land is Cheaper in Osun : It is easier to get land for Building, Businesses and farming. If you need lands anywhere in Osun by plots or acres, let me know. I will Network for you and collect my commission. 😜.

2. Power Supply: Electricity is Regular in almost all parts of the state. You will enjoy decent power supply if that matters for your business. When you pay Nepa well you may enjoy uninterrupted power supply.. At the peak of Timber Business in Ife, Ondo road, the hub of many saw mills enjoy the best power supply in the town in early 2000’s.  Residents worry less on power issues as Business owners take care of Nepa bills and fix problems quickly..

Today, Ife Steel rolling mill I heard paid a huge some  money to PHCN to give constant power supply and this is one of the places in Ife where you may enjoy 22hrs power supply daily.. Your prepaid meter will cry😜

Again, I know of someone who established a Furniture making centre in Osun and put the showroom in Lagos to sell to Lagosians. It is doable. The set of chairs they will price at 100k in Osun he will sell at 180k -200k in Lagos.

3.  Cost of living is Cheaper too – This affect food, transportation around and other things. You can readily drive down on Saturday and visit any of the farm markets for foodstuffs. Meat supply are also in abundant. When you pass through Gbongan in Osun State and you see those dried and fresh bush meats, tell me how you feel😜. 

4. Business Opportunities –  Because of the increasing population and expansion, new businesses are opening up to cater for people needs.

These are few businesses you can do in Osun

Farming (Poultry  or Crop production). You can rear animals or grow plantain, cash crops or legumes or vegetables in Osun. Most lands are suitable for farming.   Just let it have accessible roads, you are good to go.  I have a Farming area in Ede accessible to rail line with an acre selling for 500k presently where there are many farmers already.  You can chat me up. We also have in Ila, and Akinlalu etc. DM or Call.

  • Buy & Selling – You can bring anything good to Osun people, they will buy if they really need it.  Imagine trying to order something online and they tell you they can’t send to Osun from Lagos.  Many times we pay heavily to get things down from Lagos.. If you buy in bulk, others can be buying from you too instead of buying blindly online. Go to Idumota, Go up North, Go to Computer village, Go to Alaba.. Bring things in..

Service Centres – Car servicing, Car wash, Laundry, Cinema, Fitness Centres, Business Centre for Documentary stuff, Autorepairs, Phone Repairing, etc.  Just come and render good service and they pay you for the value.

Investments – Build Filling Stations, Hotels, Guest house, Sport Academy, Radio Stations, Institutions, Factories ( Yinka Oba foam has been operating from Ijebu Jesha for years), there is a Brewery in Ilesha, there are schools across many places in Osun, people come from far and near to attend.  Olashore International School is in a local town of Iloko Ijesha.  You can bring your schools, Specialized hospital to Osun – If you have good facilities, people will drive down from Lagos for medical help…

My grandpa’s farmland area in Ife in under 2yrs have been turned to hub of many Poultry farms.. A land you can buy at 80k per plot now is now being sold 1.3M per Acre.  This is along Ifewara road o.. Ifewara town is another home for egg production few years ago according to stories I heard. These people produce eggs here and people bring truck to pack eggs to different states.  These are why lands are not getting cheaper and why you can buy and resell in years.

Finally, the last one is 👇

5. Security – Although Nigeria itself experiences once in a while issues of security breakdown but some states are still respectively peaceful, and Osun is one. Osun people are also highly hospitable set of people. When you respect them, they reciprocate. Don’t just come and cause trouble. 

Well, If you need anything in Osun, connect me on 07063789912 or Whatspp.. We can run around for you at a cost..

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