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The is a news report through video shared online by victims that a particular scandalous Empowerment Group named Atlas Initiative Scheme have scammed many Market women, millions of in ADO-EKITI, Ekiti State Nigeria

These women in ADO-EKITI cried out to the public and the media to help them find the whereabout of group Atlas Initiative in ADO-EKITI, Nigeria who promised to loan them money for their businesses.

The Scheme organizers promised to give them N100,000 loans each, if they can pay N16,000, and 32,000 for N200, 000 respectively. The market women who are always in need of capital to boast their small businesses fell for this scam and were grouped in 10 to 12.

A particular set among the women claimed to be 12 in numbers said they paid N250,000 to the scheme organizers who sworn by holy books like Quran and Bible to be legitimate helper.

You can also watch the video as shared on Nairaland

Omoelublog did findings to call the numbers on the scheme provided phone numbers to find out what went wrong but the number wasn’t going through, probably switched off.

Atlas initiative scheme Ado Ekiti fraud scam

We also tried to check online if there is any official site belonging to Atlas Initiative Scheme Nigeria or Ekiti State, and we found this, which is a free hosting site called atlas initiative scheme site hosted by simple site. The number given as customer care hot line is also not available, but there are names of certain individuals on the site as management of Altlas Initiative Scheme.

Atlas Initiative Scheme Scam

Nigerians should be careful of fraudsters claiming to be helper. They are everywhere now in the name of empowerment scheme. We however now call on Nigerian Police, relevant agencies and authorities in Nigeria to help look into this issue, to help fish out these evil schemers, and their representatives.

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