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Ẹ kú – How Yoruba people greet specially

It is an undisputable fact that the Yorùbá people of South west Nigeria, are one of the tribes in Subsaharan Africa that loves greetings a lot, if not the best when it comes to that aspect of culture.

Special greetings in Yoruba

Greeting in Yoruba land is a form of respect and when you greet any Yoruba man or woman, they usually appreciate it.

For everything you are doing, unlike in English culture, where you only say “Well done” , Yoruba has special greetings for almost all forms of activities in what is called “E ku” – this and that. Like “Hi, do well” .

Some elderly persons will even greet you tirelessly and it can be disturbing and also interesting at the same time, depending on your mood. You will hear, E pẹlẹ, Ó ẹkùn. Ẹnle, E kún.. Ilé nko, Ẹnlẹ́, Iyawo nko, Ẹnlẹ́.. E kún.. Smile.

Special greetings in Yoruba Culture

Well, here are few special greetings for special moments in Yoruba Culture of South Western Nigeria. Check them out and tell us which one you like best.

To Artisans – Ise a yaa oo or owó a yaa oo.

To a civil servant – E yaá’sé ooo..

To a business person/seller – Ajé a waa oo.

To an on air presenter – E Ku ètò o

To someone who just see a long travelled family member again – E Ku ará yaa ooo

To one planning for an event – E Ku imura

To a fellow passenger : E Ku okò ooo

To a student preparing for exam: E Ku igbaradi

To fellow countrymen – A Ku ìlú yii ooo or A Ku asiko yii oo

Special greetings in Yoruba Culture

To jokingly play with someone that he or she is enjoying – E Ku imu’nkanje o

To fellow party men – A Ku Àseye o

To greet friends having pleasure – E Ku faaji oo or E Ku miliki ooo

To one looking after the sick – E Ku itoju o

To one who sends you a gift – E Ku ànawósí oo

To people you meet on seats – E Ku ìkàle

To those worshiping – E ku Adura o

To one who shows you care – E Ku Ife.

To greet another after a day work – A Ku isé eni.

To someone who reminds you not to forget something – E Ku afokansiii

To one who just acquired a new asset – E Ku inawo ooo.

To one you meet at home – E Ku ilé o
To the one coming in – E Ku àbò o
To one coming from a journey – E ku ìrìn o

To a listener – E Ku eeti’gbò

To a Muslim friend on Friday – E Ku jimoh oloyin ooo or A Ku ojó NLA ooo

Lol.. E Kú is a special thing in Yoruba greetings. Let me say E Ku reading this post oo.

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