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Old Yoruba Movie: Remembering Koledowo in Alaga Kansu

Who remembered this scene in the above popular movie??

Alaga Kansu Council Koledowo

A woman queried, Koledowo – why do you want to kill yourself. Koledowo, ki lo se o to fi lo ko s’omi? Ki lo se e, ti o senikan rii?

Koledowo: E ma seun.. E riii, “B’eyan ba pe ten ti o te nkan ire yo, to pe twenty ti o tu nkan re, to pe thirty ti o ta nkan re RU,to pe forty ti o fo ile alara mólè, ti e’ntoun bai se geregere ti ei wo fifty ti o GBE nkan ire se, o ye ka fii èyìn onitoun tii nii.. Ki wa launfani mi? E dakun e je n re Ku sodo o o..”

(If at TEN, you have no life imprint, at TWENTY no good harvest, at THIRTY, you ain’t carrying any good burden, at FORTY, nothing like a mouth opening mansion built in your name, and you are like that till FIFTY, such person should be forcefully retired off life. What’s my purpose of living again? Please let me go and kill myself oo. I must die inside water).

Old Yoruba movie Koledowo

Lol.. Koledowo in Alaga Kansu, attempting to kill himself.

He was later pitied and made a ward councillor with the expectations that he would serve the people well since he suffered in life but the idiot went ahead and stole money and lavished people’s money. Just like Baba Wande the one who was desperate to be the local government chairman, and went to Ajileye his area mosque imam for prayers only to get there and turned something else. Lol..A practical life play of most Nigerian politicians. Most would always disappoint you.

Lol…May God forgive koledowo Akanmu ori o reru, ori dori ate in heaven. A rare. Star we lost.

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