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Top 10 Most Popular Markets in Oyo State (See Other States)

Oyo State is the second most rated state in Yoruba land of South west Nigeria that you should go, for buying and selling activities, as a trader and a business person.

From Ibadan to Ogbomoso to Oke Ogun, there are markets available for all your needs and these Article as part of the Big Article on Top 80 Most Popular Yoruba Markets in Nigeria, comprising of markets on South west states and part of Yoruba lands in Kwara and Kogi State.

Here are 10 popular Markets in Oyo State in no ranking order.

  1. Gbagi International Market, Ibadan

Gbagi market is unarguably, Oyo state’s biggest market in terms of economic size and it is not surprising why it is rated internationally. The name gbági in Yoruba was reported to have been coined from Gba Igi mú, – hold stick or wood. The stick or wood is the long yard measuring ruler often used by textile traders at the market.

Located along Ife-Ibadan Road, it is seated on a large space of land with stalls and locked up shops containing nothing but mainly Textile or clothing materials.

Gbagi market is a big destination to source for Owambe clothing materials for parties and ceremonies in South West Nigeria for those that don’t want to go to lagos. From Lace, to Ankara to Adire all in wholesales, Gbagi will give you the best.

Top, popular and Major Markets in Ibadan and Oyo State

There is a popular Yoruba saying that says Arakun l’oja gbagi meaning you will buy and get all stocks filled. So, it is a place you will go and meet all your fashion items needs including tailoring materials like wools, needles, etc.

In Gbagi, you will also get other fashion accessories like shoes, bags and jewelleries as well.

You can get to Gbagi from Lagos or through Central Ibadan Town through Iwo road and down to Old or New Ife Road, IFE-Ibadan Expressway, Ibadan Oyo State.

2. Ogunpa Market, Ibadan

With the creation of railway lines linking Lagos to Ìbàdàn in old Nigeria, the origin and root of Ogunpa markets can be traced to the influx of European Merchants and firms along axis.

Ogunpa Market is another big market in Ibadan city of Oyo state and it is the second biggest place to go after Lagos for Yoruba people to source for many building materials and Artisans tools.

If you need pipes for your housing projects, roofing sheets, paints, tiles, aluminium windows, curtains and many more, Ogunpa is a place to go, especially when buying in bulk and for the purpose of reselling. There are big shops like distributors for all kinds of Artisans tools for Carpenters, bricklayers, welders, Plumbers, etc.

3. Dugbe Market, Ibadan

Just like Ogunpa, Dugbe Market also has similar history of founding with Ogunpa. Both were Hubs for the distribution of goods brought to Ìbàdàn through railway lines in the 50’s.

Dugbe market is located in heart of Ibadan and it is a one stop over place for stuff like Clothing materials, furniture, Elecronics, Bedding and Mattresses, and other household items.

4. Ajeromi Gate Spare part Market, Ibadan

This is the second biggest hub for spare part materials and car repairs in Yoruba land after the popular Ladipo Market.

Major & popular markets in Oyo State - Ajeromi - Ibadan spare part market

Located at Agodi Gate, close to the popular Agodi prison is another home for anything you want to buy that deals with cars, from Car doors, to car handles to Upholstery (seats) , to Batteries to Car key and other Special Auto parts. It is a big destination for Car owners and Mechanics in Yoruba land.

5. Bodija Market, Ibadan

Bodija is Ibadan biggest market for sales and distribution of foodstuff at cheap price. It is a meeting point for all manners of traders in the Agricultural and commodity value chain.

Strategically positioned close to many tertiary institutions, especially the Premier University of Ìbàdàn, it is not surprising why both Civil servants and students are always coming in and out of the big market.

Bodija Market is located, at Bodija area of Aare Latoosa LCDA, Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.

6. New Waso Market Ogbomoso.

This is the biggest market in Ogbomoso town of Oyo state which is the second biggest town in the state in terms of size in population and landmass.

The market is a place to get almost anything from foodstuff, to clothes to other household Items that is needed for the growing population of Ogbomoso people particularly from Students and Staff of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso.

Waso Market was relocated from the Old Waso market at Sabo to a new place along New Ilorin Expressway, Ogbomoso South Local Government of Ogbomoso Town, Oyo State.

7. Akesan Market in Oyo town

Also known as Oja Oba, is the main market in the ancient Oyo town. It is also an ancient market that have reportedly been around for close to 400yrs, and popular during the era of the Oyo kingdom.

Located Strategically at the centre of the town, Akesan market is a little walk from Aláàfin of Ọ̀yọ́’s Palace.

Akesan like many major markets is a market for varieties, from food to clothes and many others.

8. Oja Ọba Adabo Market Iseyin

Iseyin is the fourth biggest town in Oyo state after the likes of Ìbàdàn the capital city, Ogbomoso and Oyo town. ISEYIN. main market is the Oja Ọba market, Adabo located in Iseyin local government, Iseyin town which is also the biggest town in the Òkè Ogun part of Oyo state, comprising of other towns like Saki, Igboora, Okeho, Igbeti, Okaka etc.

At Oja Ọba Market, you will get everything you need from clothes to food to other basic needs to survive in Iseyin.

9. Sango Market, Saki

Saki Town is another popular town in Oke Ogun part of Oyo state and the seat of The Oke Ogun polytechnic a former annex of the Polytechnic of Ibadan. Being a town with a tertiary institution, Sango market takes care of the polytechnic students and the indigenes and remains the biggest market in Saki, with others being gbawojo market etc.

Sango Market is classified into different sections and as a main town market, you can buy clothes, foodstuff, shoes, bags, mattress, curtains, stove, cooking gas, buckets, electronics there.

10. Sepeteri Yam Market

This is the probably the biggest Yam market in South Western Nigeria and a destination town market for yam buyers and sellers in Saki East Local government Oke Ogun, Oyo State.

These are my major markets in Oyo state, I skipped some in Ibadan because of space. What do you think??

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