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Top 10 Most Popular Markets in Osun State

Osun State is an interesting state in South Western Nigeria because of its abundant cultural endowment in Arts and Tradition, as it houses the Yorùbá Spiritual home of Ile-Ife, the cradle and source of today’s Yoruba race.

Just like Ife, Osogbo the State Capital of Osun is another home for Cultural voyage with the OSUN Osogbo groove which is certified by UNESCO as World Heritage Centre. There is also Nike Art Gallery in Osogbo which is another tourist destination for lovers of Arts.

Beyond these, there are other interesting sites and monuments scattered across the state from Erin Ijesha waterfall to Olumirin etc for excursion purposes.

In terms of trading, Osun people are known for heavy trading activities and it is not surprising while many are naturally enterprising and some are itinerants moving from town to town in search of trading activities and even to neighbouring west African counties, like the people of Ejigbo who have turned Abidjan to a second home.

Top and Major Markets in Oṣun state

Osun is blessed with many Popular Markets many of which most people in Yoruba lands can easily remember at the mention of their names as many are markets with specific marketing days, while some are main town markets that you buy almost everything you need every day.

These are the list of top and popular markets in Osun in no particular order.

  1. Orísunmbare Market, Osogbo

This is the biggest Market in Osogbo state Capital of Osun State and a major hub for distribution of goods from different manufacturers in the state.

Orísunmbare market is along the road linking Ola Iya Junction to Old garage in Osogbo, when coming from Gbongan – Ibadan Road close to the Freedom Park and Railway station.

Marketing Activities started in this area started long ago, due to the coming of a railway line, which brought companies like John Holt to Osogbo.

At Orísunmbare today, you will get major building materials items, foodstuff, clothing materials and many other fashion items, like wristwatches, fashion glasses or sunshades and more.

2. Igbona Market

Igbona is another big market in Osogbo town of Osun State and it is close to Osogbo Local Government Secretariat, along Ayetoro area to Osogbo City Stadium Road.

Igbona is in the heart of Osogbo and here, you can enjoy many commodities mainly from stalls to hawkers and Shops/Stores beside the street.

3. Owode Ede Market, Ede

Owode Ede is a fast growing market in Owode Town of Ede land. Like most the markets in Osun State, it is located on the road side when entering Osogbo from Gbongan Ibadan Road and very close to Osun State government Secretariat, Abere Osogbo.

Owode market in Ede

The market enjoys heavy patronage of travellers in and out of the state capital and with the increasing development of Owode Town as Osogbo annex, the market is fast gaining more prominence particularly because of prices of farm items there that are reported to be very cheap.

4. Oja Ọba Market, Ikirun

Oja Ọba is located in Ikirun town. Ikirun is along your way to Kwara State from Osogbo. This market along with the town twin market, called Alamisi Market, Ikirun (Thursday Market) enjoys the patronage of many people from neighbouring towns like Ire, Ada, Konta, Okuku, Ijabe, Iragbiji and many others

5. Oja Sekona, Ede

Sekona market is another old popular market in the small Sekona town from your way to Ile-Ife while coming from Osogbo. It’s another market with specific marketing days of the week and it is usually heavily crowded for buying of mainly food Items as sellers bring their products from different parts of the state.

Sekona market Ede

6. Odo Ogbe Market (Oja tuntun), Ile-Ife.

This is Ile-Ife main market for all manners of items you may need in any market.

Oja tuntun is large in size and sectionalized into different parts. Unlike many markets in the state, it is a gated market like you will find in Gbagi market with four different gates through which you can enter it.

You can come in through Sabo-Oduduwa Street Road with two gates along this route.

You can also come in through Ife-Ilesha, express road linking Lagere to Opa area of the town, where you also have another gate.

The fourth gate is along, St Peters Church, when you come in through Iremo Road.

Odo Ogbe Market Ile-Ife

7. Akinola Market, Ipetumodu

Akinola Market is an Every Friday weekly market that is for big shopping of foodstuff for Private individuals and resellers.

The Market is along Ibadan Expressway, Ipetumodu, just after Oduduwa University. It’s usually a crowded market on every Fridays with cars parking here and there on the main road belonging to shoppers, who come from places like Ilesha, Ile-Ife, Gbongan, Ikire, Origbo, Osogbo etc.

8. Olode Market, Ile-Ife

Olode Market is another popular market at the outskirt of Ife on your way to Ifetedo, and Ondo State. It is in the small town called Olode and it is another melting zone for farmers and resellers.

Neighbouring farms around the axis in Government Reserves Farm settlement, communities and villages around Ife South Often bring their farm products for resale. Popular farm products you will get at Olode markets are Palm Oil, Plantain, Snails, e.t.c.

9. Oja Ọba Market, Ilesha

Oja Ọba is the main market within ilesha Town for Ijesha residents and it is located beside the Owa Obokun of Ijesha’s Palace. The market extends from the street that passes infront of the Palace to others beside it.

This is another daily market where you can source for foods, household items, provision and others.

10. Odo Ori Market Iwo

Odo Orí Market is the popular market in Ìwọ Town that welcomes people from neighbouring towns and come from places like Oluponna, Ejigbo, Telemu, Bode Osi, Ile Ogbo etc.

Odo ori market Iwo town

The market also serves staff and students of Bowen University Iwo.

Other major Markets in the State are; Kajola market, Anaye Market, Egbejoda Market, Mefoworade Market, Ayegbaju Market, Atakumosa Market etc

Check this page to see more of those from Ekiti, Oyo, Ogun, Lagos and Ondo.

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