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List: Top 50 Most Popular Markets in Yoruba land

Local Trading activities are Integral parts of the Nigerian Social Economic Outlook and they remain a formidable bedrock in Smes growth, which has been reported to be the backbone of many developing Countries, including Nigeria.

Communities markets, from village to town in a similar vein, are key to survival in many places as they are necessary links where resources as human needs, like food, clothing, and shelters are exchanged between producers and the end users or consumers.

Top 50 Most Popular Markets in Yoruba land - Lagos

Markets are just places we can’t do without. When everywhere remain locked down, closing markets is a very hard decision to arrive at, except when very necessary and alternatives are always provided by governments or decision-making authorities to alleviate the sufferings that people will go through till when the closure ceases.

It is in view of these pivotal roles that I wish to bring to the consciousness of many, Top 50 Most popular markets in Yoruba land of South Western Nigeria that are providing key buying and selling services to Yorùbá people and many other Nigerians, and this list is no ranking order.

For the series. I’m starting with Lagos.

10 Most Popular Markets in Lagos State.

Lagos is the commercial nerve center and business hub for not only the Yorùbá people but also to Nigerians as a whole – so it is not out of place to say many markets in Lagos States are the most popular and biggest in Nigeria based on research and findings.

Popular and Major Markets in Lagos|Osun|Oyo|Ondo|Ogun|Ekiti|Okun

With 57 local governments, and a growing population of close to 15 milion, the strength of Lagos markets can be best imagined. Well, the following are Top 10 most popular markets in Lagos Nigeria.

  1. Balogun Market.

History: Balogun Market was reported to have been around for close to 6 to 7 decades, as far back as 1940’s to 1950’s, and it started from some streets and sprawl around places like Tinubu Square, Iddo area,

What’s the Size of Balogun Market: The market is reported to be one of the biggest in Lagos and this can be due to its strategic location, at the Lagos Island – The heart of Lagos City.

What they sell at Balogun Market: It is prominent for the sales and distribution of Fabrics Items like Ankara, Lace, Bags and other fashion accessories. It welcomes all manners of traders from far and near who come to buy and sell and it is ethnically homogeneous in nature. You have almost all Nigerian major tribes at the market, from Igbo shops selling bags, to Yoruba women selling clothes to Hausas selling jewelleries.

2. Oyingbo Market

Oyingbo market is another Lagos popular market, located in Ebute Metta Side of Lagos Mainland. Very close to Lagos Rail way line, It enjoys movements of traders from Apapa side of Lagos, which resulted into its increased size.

History & Size of Oyingbo Market: The old Oyingbo market started around 1920 as hub for Agriculture products and scattered across adjoining streets that is close to the Lagos Mainland Hotel. Rebuilt in 1991 by Lagos Government, and restructured with lock up shops by Gov Raji Fashola recently, Oyingbo market is a big growing market for many commodity sales.

Although because of modernity and restructuring where petty traders can not afford the high cost of rent shops, a vast majority of people still use stalls and make-shift spaces on streets around the Market.

What you can buy at Oyingbo Market: Oyingbo market is one of the best places in Lagos to stock for your food items, ranging from fresh fruits, vegetables, palm oil and other forms of Agricultural products, as they come from the hinterland and other places around the country. It is also a great place to source for your, traditional seasoning items, meat and fish. Beyond the food products, there is also spots for sales of other non food items like clothes, home use items among many others.

Market day is almost every blessed day from Monday to Sunday.

3. Oshodi Market

Just like Oyingbo Market, Oshodi Market is another big Mainland market in Oshodi Òkè part of Lagos State, that is home for both clothes and food items.

Not far from the popular Oshodi Skyline Bridge and Oshodi Lagos Bus station terminal that received many first time visitors to Lagos State, plying the Lagos Ibadan express route – you can’t feign not to know Oshodi market.

In size it is also highly populated with buyers and sellers on daily basis that no one will observe that the other did not cone today as a popular Yoruba musician put it in one of his songs as “Oja Oyingbo, kò mọ pe enikan ò wá o”.

4. Ladipo Auto Market

Ladipo market is an Auto spare part market, and the biggest and most popular of such kind of market in West Africa.

With heavy use of Automobiles in Nigeria and huge population, the size and strength of Ladipo market is as big as the number of vehicles in Nigeria. It is just a perfect place to source for anything not working in your car for replacement in Yoruba land and it the same reason why cars of many brands and models are driven down to the markets by mechanics to get it fixed.

Majority of traders at Ladipo Market are majorly Yoruba and Igbo sellers, specialised in Auto repairs. At Ladipo market, you can also sell your old rickety cars easily for waste buyers and those who may buy over useful parts in it, from body to engine.

5. Tejuosho Market.

Tejuosho market was first built in 1970’s as a modern and model market and later restructured by Alhaji Lateef Jakande’s government in 1980’s.

Located in Yaba area of Lagos, Tejuosho market is another big market more popular for clothing items, shoes and bags especially imported Clothes and fairly used clothes called Okrika or Bend down select.

If you need bales of fairly used clothes from children wears, to office shirts, ladies tops, Jeans and office pants at cheaper prices for either personal use or for resale, then Tejuosho market at Yaba might be the best place to go.

It is a spot for Campus students around Lagos from University of Lagos Akoka to Yabatech students to Federal College of Education students Akoka. It’s always a beautiful place to be for the struggling class that still need to get something appreciably good.

The market has been threatened over the years with repeated fire incidences burning down shops and stalls, but it is still standing tall following renovation year after year. The new Tejuosho market was commissioned in 2014 by Gov. Raji Fashola’s government with 4000 locked up shops in complexes, and other facilities like fire service area, police post and waste disposal service.

6. Idumota Market

Idumota is a general merchandising hub for all forms of things you need in Lagos in bulks for resale. Located at Èkó – Idumota area of Lagos Island, It is a big market that extends to many area around Idumagbo, Oluwole, Dusumu, Tinubu Square, Mandillas, Oke Arin and even tó Balogun market area itself.

From Clothes, to shoes to bags to Stationeries, to household Items, movies distribution, Idumota is a place to be.

On daily basis, Items are brought from Apapa Wharf and far Eastern Nigeria like Aba and Onitsha for most Items.

For wristwatches and jewelleries in bulk, go to Idumagbo side of Idumota Market.

For Baby or Children Items, head straight to Dosumu part of the market.

For Provision Items, cosmetics, you can visit Oke Arin and Balogun.

For Handkerchiefs, singlets, boxers, female bras and pants, get to the Pedro side of the Market.

And for movies lovers, the Popular Ebinpejo lane and Nnamdi Azikwe Street are there for you.

There is also Ebute – Ero, close to Eko Bridge for your food items from tomatoes to yam and others.

Idumota is indeed a busy market by all measures.

7. Alaba International Market

Where can I get Electronic materials and appliances in Nigeria? A simple answer will be – go to Alaba Market.

Alaba International Market is an household name for anything imported electronic material in Nigeria and it is the largest cluster of Electronic sales Market in West Africa bringing importer, retailers, sellers and end users to a place for business activities.

From Television of different inches, to Home theatres to Air Conditioners to Fans to Generators to inverters to very many other Electrical materials, Alaba market is a place to be. They sell both new and Fairly used products of all makers, from Samsung, to LG to other top brands

At Alaba market, you can also source for your industrial machines in manufacturing businesses like printing machines, food processing machines etc as there are many traders with warehouses here that can supply you anywhere in the country.

If you need one, chat or call me up on 07063789912, I have contacts of many Igbos supplying industrial machines at the market.

8. Ketu International Market

Ketu market Lagos is another prominent Lagos Market of International standard specifically known for fruit supplies and distribution. It is acclaimed as the biggest of such fruit selling hub to a vast majority of people in Nigeria.

For fruits supplies of any kind, Ketu market is a place to be.

The market is located in Ketu area of Lagos in Ikosi – Isheri Local Government (LCDA).

At Ketu market, you will get all your farm products coming right from hinterlands., from Onion to Pepper, Tomatoes, Vegetable Oil, Palm oil, plantain, Yams, potatoes etc

9. Mile 12 International Market

This is the twin market of Ketu market for food products and it is the main hub in Lagos for distribution of Food crops to various parts of the city. There are hundreds of trailers and lorries bringing food items from different parts of the country to Mile 12 Market daily.

10. Kantagowa/Katangua Market

Located in Alimosho Local Government side of Lagos Nigeria, Katangua is another hub for cheap and affordable imported clothing wears, Lagosians and retailers from other places across Nigeria. These clothes often come in bales of sacs and grades, ranging from Grade A to B to C, in order of the their quality respectively.

Katangua is an highly sought after market in Lagos, as people go there early in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to get the best.
For quality fairly used shoes, and bags for offices, reselling and parties, all imported. This market will take care of your needs without breaking banks..

What do you see about our list and these Research, your comments will be appreciated ???

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