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List of Old 16 Pelupelu Obas in Ekiti of 1900

Ekiti Pelupelu is the list of Senior Traditional Kings or first Obas in Ekiti drawn out of the Constitution of EKITI Parapo Confederation of 1900 at a meeting held at Oke Ilesha, organized by Major Reece Tucker. 

The motive of Ekiti such meeting which was the first of its kind among EKITI Royal leaders was for a united leadership, and the Pelupelu Obas have had rich history in helping to douse Socio- political leadership problems and solving crisis within the region for decades and more particularly in fighting war attrition during the many EKITI wars through invasion.

Original list of 16 Ekiti Pelupelu Obas Council

The Pelupelu is also an agelong lists of first recognised Obas in Ekiti land.

The list has since been reviewed over years by successive governments working on Kingship and Chieftaincy title, and more recently in July, 2004 by Gov. Ayo Fayose’s government who increased the list to 17 from 16.

In October 2018, the government of Ekiti state under, Gov John Kayode Fayemi also increased the list of Pelupelu Obas or Senior Obas to 22, adding 5 Obas to the list.

These new lists have however been  generating controversies and more recently with Chairmanship problem which have caused division between  the Old 16 members of the pelupelu as OBA Council faction and the incumbent governor, Gov. Kayode Fayemi.

List of 16 Ekiti Pelupelu Kings and Obas 1900

The Original list of 16 Pelupelu by 1900 Tucker are as given below.

  1. Oore of Otun
    2. Elekole of Ikole
    3. Ewi of Ado, 
    4. Olobo of Obo (Now inKwara State)
    5. Ajero of Ijero
    6. Alara of Aramoko
    7. Deji of Akure (Now in Ondo State),
    8. Alaaye of Efon
    9. Arinjale of Ise-Ekiti
    10. Olojudo of Ido
    1 1. Oloye of Oye
    12. Ologotun of Ogotun
    13. Ogoga of Ikere
    14. Oloja of Imesi
    15. Onitaji of Itaji-Ekiti  
    16. Onisan of Isan.

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