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(Video) Q-DOT Drops Alagbe Album Songs|Iba|Download Tracks|

It’s Officially, the long awaited album of Q-DOT – the Legendary hard core Yoruba crooner with different style of waxing his songs, is here.

Q-DOT Alagbe new Album Songs download

This new Q-DOT Alagbe Album has not less than 17 tracks like Iba, Gbẹ́sẹ̀, Dúró, Ìyanu ft 9ice, and more. This one is surely another play list Item for many of his fans.

Alagbe in Yoruba is an agelong word in meaning for singers because it is believed they look up to people to give them money to survive, hence you hear “Ọmọ Alagbe ni àwọn ọmọ olorin” . Singers are beggars Well, whatever Q-DOT sees in the name, you will see in these tracks.

Watch and Enjoy

Iba (Intro)

Download Iba Intro


Download Moriamo Mp3

Ìyanu ft 9ice

Download Ìyanu ft 9ice by Q-DOT MP3


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