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Òlòturé Movie – Another relatable story told differently

Oloture is another trending top rated film presently rated 2nd most watched, and definitely one of the most searched movies in the past weeks by Nollywood admirers, after Citation due to its publicity and media paparazzi.

In few words, It’s all about commercial sex work and human trafficking findings.

Produced by Mo’abudu from the stable of Ebonylifefilms and directed by Award winning Kenneth Gyang, a fast rising Jos boy and amazing film maker – Òlòturé is a movie that raises many questions at the end, and you will know why after reading this.

Òlòturé Movie review

Well, I was directed to the movie by two friends and my wife. I had seen the movie’s trailer in Oct, but it just didn’t appeal to me from afar and, this for just one reason. I feel there have been more than enough stories in films and documentary about commercial sex life in Nigeria and human trafficking and there is actually little I may learn more or that it will reveal that I have not seen. We grew up to watch movies like “desperate girls” back in the days, and similar works.

So, it wasn’t a storyline that brushes your ego, but I decided to watch because of two other reasons – the angle and perspective through which the script was reportedly told, which I also saw. After all, we saw the remake of Ramsey Noah’s “Living in bondage”, and how the script was repackaged refreshingly .

Secondly, I watched because I wanted to know the meaning of “Oloture which surprisingly has a Yoruba language tones as poster catchy phrase, but looks like an Edo word for Endurance, according to the makers.

Well, the film is about an investigative journalist, “Sharon Ooja” known as Ehi in the film, who works with with an investigative factfinding news hub called “Scoop” , just like that BBC lady on Unilag Sex tape, and many of our friends at the cable and premium times.

Simply put, Oloture reveals, the daunting tasks and life risking moves, that many of these investigating guys and gals, go through to extract the dirty runs in many places in the country.

From the bribe taking men at our boarders enabling the act of human trafficking to politicians who use girls to catch grooves, to the desperate lots and wannabes wanting to go to Europe at all cost among our girls, out of need to escape poverty with the character likened to Edo girls, even with huge cash investments as high as 400k ($1,200) to facilitate it.

The movie sure tells more in relatable manner that is similar to stories of our sisters begging Nigerians online to help them to come home from Arab countries recently, all in the big word of “Human trafficking”.

Quite frankly, from the starting of the movie – showcasing Lagos night life, to the end, which showed the pitiable nature of how poor response to emergency in rescuing victims of many ugly acts in Nigeria can be, Òlòturé is simply a sustaining, Crime Drama movie that you just want to know what will happen next after every scene.

Again, like every sex related films, the film comes with heavy nudity in acting, so as rated 18, don’t watch if you can’t imagine how Ashewo girls operate in Nigeria and just may be, to protect your saintness and to avoid seeing what may make you rise unexpectedly. But it is what is, a film on sex workers in Nigeria and their adversaries in many places trying to fight the scourge.

Finally, the movie sure comes with many parts that are red flags to the story and script, for me. I understand a movie can only be near perfection because it is nothing but a make-belief and a movie, but it is worrisome when parts that bring questions arouse in a way that the film wasn’t able to explain. One, Patrick Doyle the politician was beaten in an hotel by a common journalist and boss to the lady Ehi. What happens next remains surreal, quite unusual to imagine.

Again, the movie ends all of a sudden. One of the girls escaped and all perpetrators in the movie were not caught. That sure didn’t tell a good story for those who should desist even if we agree that not all stories should end happily.

Well, my only hope is that the film doesn’t end there, but as it is with many of these new big time movie investors as producers, it appears they make continuity a surprise and work on feelings of watchers to see if it worth it to produce another part, just like King of boys is suddenly coming with part. Smile!

I trust my Yoruwood people, they tell you straight up if “ere sese bere or eré parri” in tó be continued and it is truly the end, not just waiting for people to check update on twitter.

Oloture movie review

All in all, Oloture is not a bad film. Definitely will not be a waste of your time if you love good pictures in movie, and love to see how who and who acted a particularly role. You will definitely want to see Omawumi Magbele, Kemi Lola Akindoju, Omoni Oboli, Omowumi Dada and many other wonderful actors in Nigerian movie industry. I also like the role of David Jones David, the singer of “If Funke no talk to Akpan” as Sherrif. I kept wondering where I be don see the guy face before. Lol

And finally may, be just because of the beautiful Sharon Ooja, you might love to watch and rewatch. But do only at night and remember is rated 18+. Lol

Big ups to Mo’Abudu and Kenneth Gyang, ẹ no easy abeg.

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