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Citation by Kunle Afolayan – “Not less of a great movie” : A Synopsis!

I just watched the Movie “Citation” and I can’t love the movie less.

It’s simply nothing less of a great movie, very good one I must say, with thrills in antiquity of African beauty and its finesse plus vastness.

See the trailer below

Amazing casts all together, and more particularly the discovery of Femi Otedola’s daughter Tèmi by Kunle Afolayan to play such a character and role as Moremi gives credence to the fact that talent can be nutured.

I was just taken away with Temi’s mastery of French and a bit laid back by the poorness of her Yoruba.. The only part I like in her Yoruba was when she told Gabriel that “Shey O fe ma tap current lára mi ni”. Lol

At a point, I was hoping this is a new act that, Kunle probably brought from one of those African countries, probably a girl from Dakar or Somalia. Lol! I kept staring at the girl in every next scene till the end of the movie when I had to come to the realization that it’s still the lover girl of Mr. Eazi o. Lol.

Well, It’s such a great and powerful plus to Temi’s career and I see her taking roles of Etomi Adesuwa as substitute with the way Oga Kunle had just brushed up the girl.

Again, I’m happy for OTE d money. 3 beautiful daughters all doing well in the Nigerian Entertainment industry. It sends message to anyone, that a girl child can also make you proud.

Beyond the quality video and bringing of stars, like Hollywood Jimmy Jean Louis , the powerful Banking Heroine in Dere Ibukun Awosika, the familiar face of Ini Edo, Gabriel Afolayan, Bukunmi Oluwashina, Joke Sylva, and NTA’s Sadiq Daaba, I must say I’m happy that the movie was filmed in my town Ife for the Nigerian part, which obviously shows the aesthetic beauty in landscape of the Great Ife University. Kunle did explored OAU to the fullest in that film. You will think he was a great Ife alumnus himself.

OAU management did give the crew all the support they needed to use the campus offices and boardrooms for the movie.

Lol. I think Tunde Babalola the Story writer did the magic to feel Ife is best fit for this story being a Alumnus himself. I also think Prof. Akindele’s story comes to play somehow but in a twist of victimisation.

I’m also proud to see Baba Gebu, Prince Oyewole Olowomojuore, a son of the soil too as Prof. Osagie and many Elus and Ifes I know in the cast crew. I was just smiling seeing those names. The moremi tale-telling to depict why women must continue to speak up as a feminine figure is also commendable.

Above all, Citation also speaks to everyone to understand the place of boundary in any relationship, and respect spaces. It is sad to come to terms that very brilliant and intelligent minds in scholarship fall for sexual urge and often let their feelings control them. Very sad for Prof. Lucien N’ydare.

Just like Oct 1st, Citation is also another very simple story but compelling and intriguing in a way that will make you to appreciate the efforts put into using a movie to narrate the loud culture of Sex for grades on our campuses and the pride of the African Culture taken into filming.

How do I tell you that I love the sound tracks all together, especially by Kent Edunjobi with the catching lines of Igunnugun eye….? Lol. Very emotional and soothing.

Finally, I have read some people saying it’s a boring movie. I don’t think so. It is rather an explorative movie. It’s more than just the story telling. Just like mokaliki, I think Kunle has developed penchant for exposing other themes in his movies beyond just the story line. It is not a comedy twin movie but a movie in Art of Academic and voyage in learning.

I don’t expect perfection in movie making, but Citation is an African movie I love and it reminds me of how much of many countries I can still visit in Africa with beautiful scenery to see people and places, especially that Cape-verde.

We can only encourage Oga Kunle Afolayan to do more.



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