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Wetin I gain: Another hot single from Gospel Singer, D’law Hassan.

Wetin I gain by D'law Hassan.

Lawrence Hassan, popularly known as D’law drops another single again titled… “Wetin I Gain?” D’law Hassan, the talented, the versatile and the always consistent songwriter released this song due to the inspiration he got from the Bible and on the street. A song full of live and jivey groove that describes the blessings of God’s praises will make you remain on your toes from the start to the end. It’s so pleasant in the ears that the sound can not be resisted for the populace. “Wetin I Gain?” A song produced by DEXTO is full of godly contents as D’law Hassan knows what exactly is the needs of the masses.

Watch the video here

Enjoy the best of God as there’s no need to regret praising God. His overdosed blessings has never malfunctioned on us..

Download the MP3 directly and enjoy here

See another amazing song of his here: Wonder Working Father dropped months ago.

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  1. I love this. ” E give me blessing overdose”. God bless you Dlaw

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