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See the list of top 25 EndSARS creative & touching Protests words on Placards and Photos

Following the excesses of the Special anti robbery unit in Nigeria called SARS – Nigeria has recently witnessed one of the most impactful exercises in the country with tons of Nigerian coming out in their large numbers particularly the youths to register their grievances against the abuse of power by Nigerian police.

Today, the End police brutality awareness and campaign have now become the first and most important news in the country since the last 6 days.

Championed by no special group but through collective efforts and galvanising – EndSARS protest has been joined by almost all kinds of Nigerians from Celebrities to average man on the street to Civil Societies to even opinion leaders who can’t but associate with the mission of reforming the police force and stop unnecessary harassment of many Nigerians, which has become an ugly trend over the years.

Well, the protests is still ongoing and it has not come without its own lessons and excitement.

For OmoElublog, it means Nigerians can register their mind forcefully and that authorities will be forced to listen.

Secondly, this event in history also shows how creative our people can go, to be heard. This has clearly been shown in many of the words on people’s placards, across major cities in Nigeria as shared by many Nigerians online.

OmoElublog have taken time to collect and document his top 25 ones of the protests’ catchphrases in words and pictures that will make you laugh and can make your feel emotional.

So here I go ..

  1. “End SARS, Stop Police Brutality in Nigeria”.
#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

This is the real message of the protest and it is the most popular words in hashtags and catchphrases that you will find on many displays both online and on Placards on streets. End SARS tags have been around for few years now, as it comes up once the public records another casualty but this very time remains the biggest hit for the campaign and the authority are already being forced to listen.

2. “You fucked with the wrong Generation”.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

Smile! I just don’t know why I kinda like this one particularly but I think it is a subtle way of making readers in authorities to see that the youths of this generation can no longer be taken for a ride. No you can’t. We have got the guts and balls. Or don’t you? Lol

3. “The power of the people is stronger than the people in power.”

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

Oh, this one message is simple and it means if we can unite and exert our power as people, we can defeat the overbearing forces of the so called powerful rulership in governments.

The phrase is an energising one that resonates quickly with the mind and fuel your thoughts, so you don’t think there is no one that cannot be questioned.

Historically, the words are that of an Egyptian activist and Google staff, by the name “Weil Ghonim” who started a form of online revolution on Social media and it became a rallying point for Egyptians who took to streets and became an inside story of the beginning of the Egyptian spring and part of his book Revolution 2.0.

4. “I need to be able to tell my children that I did not stay silent”.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

This is another thoughtful one. You know there is always a time when you can’t resist the urge to ask your parents very funny but thoughtful questions, Like “Dad, where were you when People like Dangote were working hard to chase out poverty from their generations, that we end up being this poor. Smile”. Or, “where were you when your voice would have helped to get this country on the better path.” I think this sends message that we all should speak out.

5. “To be a victim in Nigeria is no longer a matter of “If”, but a matter of when”.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

This one touch me well oo. I think I have seen the bringbackourgirls crooner Aisha Yesufu, saying this in public speeches more often. Truly, when you look around, you will realise that no one is immune to Nigeria’s absurdities. A reason why we must rise to stop these anomalies.

6. “Many lives have been wasted, we don’t want it to be your turn”.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

Just like (5) above, the message is the same. We shouldn’t wait for another unnecessary loss of lives before we react.

7. “Public Servants should not be Public killers.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

This is a direct altercation in words.

No, we can’t allow this, it shouldn’t be. Why would people we pay with public money be killing the general public? Why?

8. “Stop threatening unarmed citizens with riffles”.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

If there is any serious misuse coming from our policemen in Nigeria, it is gross abuse of weapon especially guns.

Any small thing or disagreement, they are already corking the gun or using the mouth of the gun to push you around like criminals.

9. “Drop Gun, come 1 on 1, If I no commot your teeth just now”.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

Smile. This is one of the most hilarious that I saw. It is true. Gun is why you are sacred of challenging many wrongs being perpetrated by our officers in uniform. There is a saying in native Yoruba that says, “We dey fear the dog, the dog owner thinks he is the one we are afraid of”. “A n bèrù ajá, alájá rò pé ohun la n bèrù”. Without guns, many officers will not be able to tolerate the shit they dish out.

10. “Our Suffering expiring date is now”.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

Lol. This one is like, takeitback. Take your rights back.

11. “No justice no peace”.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

There is a common judicial culture in Nigeria and it is the fact that anyone killed by police usually don’t get justice and most erring officers who are always fond of shooting at slightest provocation or disagreement are always not brought to book to serve as deterrent to others. I think one of the best ways to curb many policemen excesses is to use many as scapegoats through a better judicial system.

12. “Bring that evil officer to book”.

This is like (11) above.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

Nigerians want to hear that one drunk and wicked police officer that killed that boy at checking point has been sentenced to death by hanging. It will be a new development really. It will show that every life matters.

13.”Sorry for the inconvenience, we are trying to change Nigeria”.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

This one is also sweet. It is a message to by those who took to some major roads in the country. It is a subtle message that it is not that we meant badly, by disturbing movements but urgent situation warrant this. No vex abeg. We need to correct some things.

14. “If you kill us finish, who would you steal from”.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

It is a bare or naked truth that many people who are custodians of our national treasury or purse feed largely on them and by extortions and bribery, we pay to make some to survive especially some of our Police officers. If you come kill us finish, who you wan dey collect money from?

15. “One Nigeria is possible if all rights are respected”.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

Truly, there is gross disregard for human rights in many places in Nigeria and this has affected our political system leading to disregard for rules through abuse of power and evidently deprivation. We need to start respecting the rights that everyone has as a people.

16. “Better welfare and funding for the police”

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

There is a common belief that if our police officers are well funded and taken care of, with good salaries, there will be no justification for extortions, and forceful collection of money from the public especially ransacking people’s properties illegitimately. I think this should be part of the ways to reform the sector.

17. “End SARS make I see husband marry”.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

Lol. This is witty. No comment on this.

18. “Man wey follow us protest go press breast and yansh”.

This is a form of enticement at war front. Follow us go claim our right and you have pleasure too. A form of refreshments. You know guys like these things. Smile.

19. “IPhone, Laptops, Styled hairs and living fresh no be crime”.

Really, our police men can embarrass you unreasonably. Park there, come out, you are a yahoo boy, open your phone and many more are funny ways they often use address people anyhow. As photographers, web designers, undergraduate with laptops for projects, graphic designers, blogger, young artiste, and name them, many of our Police officers are too uncultured and ignorant to know that there are now legitimate businesses that people do online that you get paid online in dollars on naira. And you may live on this to buy car and live fine. To many of them, you are most likely a scammer or yahoo boy. This has to stop.

20. “I no wan hear SARS don kill my future husband”.

This is like doing the needful by our ladies. To lose your loved ones to allegation and crime they didn’t commit can be harrowing and I appreciate this creative way to show that our ladies care about their guys being molested on daily basis while going about their businesses and facing survival.

The last 5 are touching and funny pictures and not about the texts or words

21. Aisha Yesufu’s viral picture.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

This picture and it’s edited form that had been circulated virally online will remain one of the most memorable symbols of EndSARS protest for generations to see. The vigour, the dressing, the feminine candour, the spirit of liberty and leading while others follow are the messages I see from this picture. It surely will go into our museum of history to be dug out at will in future.

22. Students in Uniform joining EndSARs.

This also touched me. It shows that they know what’s up too. They have to be concerned now, to have a future that wouldn’t be jeopardized by a failing nation. And one of it is to end SARS and stop police brutality.

23. The guy with the big flag in Lagos.

Sources said that this guy was all over the place and full of energy. Reports say that he kept waving the flag, standing fiercely to preach his message. It is another spirit of activism and courage that I like with a nationalist relentless attitude.

24. NSCDC Officer sharing refreshments with Protesters.

#EndSARS hashtags in Nigeria

This is another amazing picture that shows that Protesters mean well and if we treat ourselves with respect, it becomes a reciprocal. Any officer that behaves himself will enjoy people’s hands of love too.

25. The Masquerade who wants SARS to End.

It is funny to me too. The spirit also faces police harrasment and have to speak out. Lol

Well, these are OmoElublog 25 funny, catchy and interesting EndSARS protest’s words on Placards and photos.

I believe all these carry beautiful messages and I’m glad that the agitation is yeilding in bits. See Mr. President’s reaction. You may not be able to talk much but you can put your words in action by writing and demonstration.

Protest is not unlawful but a way of demonstration to react to a trend that should be corrected. This is not the first time in our history and may not be the last as long as we as a people have rights to react and to dialogue.

So, ladies and gentlemen, which one of these, do you like most and which other ones are not included that have you seen elsewhere but moved you to tears or make you laugh. Share with us.

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