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Bode Oshinusi: Life & Times of a Lagos Socialite

As a Yoruba person particularly those who grew up lately in Yoruba South Western Nigeria and are of present age – waxing old classic songs of legends like Chief Ebenezer Obey can be quite nostalgic and can serve as good listening time to see through the history of many great or popular Nigerians who were once movers and shakers of social scenes. It also reminds one that time is everything in life.

Bode Oshinusi biography

Well, If you have listened well to Obey many songs, you must have gotten yourself acquainted to many famous names like Bode Oshinusi ni’jebu Ode, Yinka Rhodes nle Barrister Lawyer, Victor Odofin Bello “Olola” and many more. With curiosity, I did my little findings about Chief Bode Oshinusi sometimes ago and I feel it will help others too.

So, briefly, if you always wonder by asking that who is this “Bode Oshinusi sef?” Well this little biography should help.

Bode Oshinusi biography

Late Chief Alhaji Bode Adeshina Oshinusi was an Ijebu born Prince from Fidipotemole ruling house of Ijebu in Ogun State, Nigeria. He was an highly successful businessman and a powerful Lagos socialite in 70’s and 80’s that enjoyed the Patronage of many Musicians, like King Sunny Ade, Obey etc. The best of his name is waxed in a Masterpiece lines Chief Obey’s Board Members track.

Prince Bode until his death was the Chairman, Royal Travels Agency, located in Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria.
 Until his death, according to sources, Chief Bode never received any chieftaincy title, despite his wealth, affluence and popularity. He rejected many of such especially from his Ijebu home.

Bode Oshinusi biography
Chief Bode Oshinusi at his 80th birthday Party

Bode Oshinusi died in 2015 at 80, 10days after his 80th birthday, survived by his equally socialite wife Hajia Hafsat Baby Oshinusi, his other popular brother Alhaji Kamoru Oshinusi a.k.a K. Orilonishe and 5 Children and many grandchildren.

Bode Oshinusi
Late Chief Bode and his wife, Hafsat

You want to see who Chief Bode Oshinusi look like and hear his voice? Then enjoy this short video about his philosophy of money and life.

Enjoy this beautifully waxed song by KSA to Late Bode Oshinusi.

Of course you can get the Board member Album or track by Chief Obey yourself to enjoy or you can contact me for the Mp3 version.

“Oropo kole. E n roju, e o beere lowo ori, e ti gbagbe akunleyan.. Owe loro aye, kadara eda ko dogba… Owe loro aye kadara eda ko dogba – Oshinusi ni Ijebu ode, ode o. Oshinusi ni’jebu ode o. Ti wa layanfe e Ki Bode o, nle Oshinusi ni Ijebu ode ode o….Laide Oropo, oropo o omo alagemo merindinlogun Oropo o,ita n tebo nijebu ode, Oropo oo, Ijebu ode ajagbalura Oropo, Omo afidipote mole, Oropo o, afidipotemole nijebu ode, Oropo o. Laide Oropo o… Oropo oo….

In short go get and enjoy.

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