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How to Avoid Financial Waste: 5 must read things before you buy a Phone in Nigeria

Infinix lite phone review in Nigeria

A user of Infinix fone gave this displeasing experience of a brand he bought on twitter now.  Simply put, the new phone hangs, a lot.

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I can’t read this and buy this phone again.

No! I can’t.  No one wants to buy what he or she will regret.  Yes, Infinix & Tecno have many good products but there are other brands that they have to remove from circulation because of users bad experience.

Same thing my sister told me yesterday when I visited her.  Her new fone started hanging weeks after buying. Memory often becomes full even after deleting, until the phone reboots itself.  Lol

If you ask her to come and write about the phone for other unsuspecting future buyers, she might write long pages.

This is a bad review for the phone.

#Quick Lesson: Take time to read phone reviews before jumping on them and read users experience.  Some of these phones have one bad or ugly sides.

Itel especially has problem with not showing contacts. Someone will call you now and to call back you go find the number you no go see ooo, especially when the phone is getting old. You will just go drop the phone somewhere and be looking for another.

There are certain things you need to look out for when buying a phone that I learned over years. These are 5 things for me..

  1. Is it affordable to repair or fix easily?  You must weigh your pocket before buying some phones.  IPhone & Samsung screens can wreck you sometimes especially if you’re careless with phones.  Don’t just buy.  They sell screens around 8k to 10k sometimes, that’s the salary of some nursery school teachers in Nigeria. Lol

2. Does the phone has a brand name in market? This is also very important when trying to fix. Let the fone falls down like this, you will be doing everyday “to and fro” visit to phone repairer’s shop because they will keep telling you “Oga, the part no dey available in Computer village oo” or them never find am, we still dey find am, come back next week. Lol

There is one yeye Pano fone I bought sometimes, that is now resting in peace in my room.  Almost a brand new phone o, but I couldn’t find the screen.  Went to Slot, they said the company don park off😪.  This is most especially for people that buy anyhow phone on Alibaba like Xamtopuyo XYJ 140. Lol.  You will visit China to repair it.  Lol

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3. Battery & Camera: This is the most important thing for me in a fone.  One of the reasons I need to get a new fone now.  This fone I’m using has one of the most ugly cameras that I wonder how wicked infinix can be to put what’s even better not to put at all. I need the Camera for my writings. So ask your self what you really need the phone for.  Not just to call or show off. 

Again, battery is important.  Like 5000mah up.  Lol. Electricity in Nigeria can be very bad, so you may need a phone that stores more power. People like me that write obviously need a phone that conserves energy and save current😁🤗

Phone reviews in Nigeria

4. Users’ review or experience is very also important.  Read people’s views, it is better than being advised by just one person. One thing I love most is listening to different people. By doing so, I can draw my inference easily. Sadly, we need more reliable products review sites.  If you sell phones, or you walk as sales boy or girl, you can pick a phone and write on then online.   People are searching.  Ask buyers to drop their phone down and call them to share their experience since they have been using.  People can begin to pay you more for that.

If you love writing too, this is one aspect you can blog on.  Name it anything.  Just pick your interest.  It’s an Internet world, people want reviews before putting their money.  You will be helping a lot to save waste.

Tell us about cars, the good sides and bad sides. Tell us about TVs, books, Movies, Properties, Schools, Courses, etc.

Product Review is a good niche! But you must be really know what you are doing. 

5. Special Needs: The last one is special needs depending on what you use the phone for.  More better features are not just for play, some are for professional like big memory for storing more data and for gaming like playing PS2 etc.  Lol.  Buy fone because of needs and not because it’s the tending latest phone. 

Once again, always check reviews..

O wa important oo..

Am I communicating?  Lol. 

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