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Old Yoruba Movies: Watch & download the film “Mama mi leko”

One of the old memorable Yoruba films with core native identity is unarguably from one the Veteran Yoruba actors and movie producers like the Late Alhaji Yekini Ajileye and his Osogbo film making crew with star actors like Koledowo, Ogunjimi, Lekinson and many more in films like Koto Orun, Koto Aye, seranko deniyan, Alaga Kansu etc.

Until Alhaji Yekini’s demise in 2006, Ajileye films are filled with interesting story lines and humour, and one nostalgic childhood film in many people’s memory is the movie Mama mi leko with the popular movie line with “e pe mi e pe mi, mama mi leko” where his wife Late Mujidat Ajileye played a central character.

Another side memorable part of the movie was how Tafa Oloyede was selling water from his well to peace at a ridiculous price, when there was huge water scarcity.

In short Mama mi leko ( My Mum in Lagos) was an epic evergreen yoruba film that is full of life lesson.

Watch and Enjoy the full film below.

To download the full film, click Download and long press on the video as shown in the illustration below.

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