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Grace: Interesting things you should know about Official Woli Arole

I call this piece Official Woli Arole – Just by Grace!

The story of the comedian – Official Arole’s rise to stardom started with one funny viral video of his bashing of other graduates of many tertiary institutions in glorification & praise of OAU as Oba Awon University. He likened it to “Ogo” Glory that is well graded. OAU graduates to him are wired with 5G’s while different lower G’s and kilobytes are awarded to other universities as he likes.  The video got lot of rebuttal and counter videos, especially University of Ibadan U.I where some young undergraduates took time to “wash” (mock) OAU slow academic calendar, dirty hostels and more.  Lol..

That phase marked the real entrance of Arole to social realm, beyond the comedy hustling days on campus as an undergraduate, and between then and now, a whole lot has changed. I call it sheer grace. Now, he has traveled widely to best of nations globetrotting on diasporan’s fan invites dinning with top Nigerians Iconic figures, and his “ICONS with Arole” show is a testament to that.

I checked the list of people OfficialArole don interview, in less than a year or so, mehn dude is indeed the king of Instagram wired Chatroom.  From Joseph Yobo,  Bayo Omoboriowo, to Nike Adeyemi to Buhari Omo musa to loads of entertainers, the list is endless.  He has also recently bagged a degree (I guess a short course though from a popular Met Film academy in UK).

Away from that, I see the instinct & smartness in his swift change to becoming a presenter or online talk show host. Just like Teju babyface, the “gbomi-dada” (Hear me well by anointing) stunt is becoming dry and can not click for ever.  It has opened the necessary doors, and now it behooves of him to shift base and that’s the beauty of the creative industry, which I”m glad he’s doing so well in. You can hop around as you like, once the audience is already there.

I have also listened to Arole’s interview many times where he never stops thanking AsiriComedy his ally as the brain behind his many brand’s success and he seemingly adores him.  Glad the dude is not doing bad too. Again Arole also never spare anything to promote anyone from OAU that are into online content creation industry using his large fan base of about 1.6M on Instagram to lift them, so long that person is really good.  Folks like Mcsimbal and one other guy (forgot his name) have benefited from Arole’s promotion. For me, It teaches one thing, and that is – when you are up, endeavor to pull others up too.  It doesn’t stop your shine, it sometimes makes it shiner. Lol.

Truly Arole is such a good ambassador of Great Ife and a product of rare grace. Ordinarily a good number of people doesn’t see any serious comedy from what he started with, but divine favour keeps making him visible.  He got many acts from Osun government under Governor Aregbesola performing live at many shows with Kennyblaq who they both started soaring at the same time.  In short it’s grace ooo.

So much about Online Content Creation business..

Well, here are 5 simple Interesting about Official Woli Arole.

  1. Hometown – He’s from Ikare Akoko, Ondo state.

2. Real name of Woli Arole : He’s Oluwatoyin Bayegun by name.

3. Schooling & Education – He went to Olapade Agoro Nursery and Primary School in Ibadan, then Government College Ibadan (GCI) and finally at Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, where he studied Psychology. He recently got a top up degree in UK from MET Film school.

4. Age: Born February 22, 1990 – He’s officially 30yrs this year (2020).

5. Relationship: He’s still single. Even though he has been rumoured with a lady EWA in 2017 but turned out to be a planned stunt. So, ladies, you can still crush o . Lol

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