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History of NYSC in Iseyin: Remembering Late Aseyin of Iseyin, Oba Osuolale Adeyeri

Have you heard of Oba Moshood Osuolale Wuraola Adeyeri, before,?

Then watch the video below!

Have you finished? Lol

Now, that was a video report in 1983 when NYSC Camp marked its 10th year anniversary of being launched in Iseyin town of Oke Ogun Oyo State, and documented by ace broadcaster of TSOS and a Prince of Iwoye Ijesha, Dotun Olubokun.

Kabiyesi in that video was speaking frantically into the future about prospects the NYSC camp will bring to the sleepy town of Iseyin, particularly the relationship between the corp members and his subjects.

Truly, the NYSC scheme has popularized the name “Iseyin” beyond western boarder, as many Graduates from different campuses and States, will always go to google to search about Iseyin town once posted to Oyo state.

It is a must. I did same when posted to Yikpata Camp of Edu L.G of Kwara State too years back. Lol. That’s it.

But beyond the fortune of the scheme and kabiyesi hope, there was a twist of history for the people of Iseyin town and for those who were too young in 1996 NYSC Camping year.

Aseyin of Iseyin Oba Osuolale Adeyeri II

Kabiyesi Oba Osuolale Adeyeri II was invited to give a speech at the same camp he was part of its founding years ago, and there on the camp, he slumped and died at just 42yrs. And that marked the end of a glorious era for the good people of Iseyin town. The young Oba who became a king at just 24yrs, spent 18yrs on the throne.

One of his daughters who was only 9yrs when Kabiyesi gave up the ghost, ran into this video luckily and funnily through my Dotun Onibokun chronicles of Old Reports and was happy to ever grow up to watch her late father whom she barely enjoys to learn from speaking on TV. Smiles.

Really, the event tells much about the circumstantial nature of life, and of course the benefits of keeping records.

Prince Dotun Onibokun Reports

I think we must sincerely thank Prince Onibokun who now lives in New York for being a gift to the new generation for those nostlagic throw back media reports.

Again, It is also worthy to put in records that Late Oba Osuoale M. Adeyeri II, who traced his lineage and that of Iseyin town to three brothers from Ile-Ife, “Ogbolu, Ebedi and Olumoyero” – was the 25th Aseyin of Iseyin, one of the longest serving Aseyin even at 42yrs, first educated Aseyin of Iseyin and the first beaded crowned Aseyin of Iseyin who got his crown from Alaafin in 1979.

Truly history doesn’t forget.

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