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Cocoa Farming in Ile-Ife: A trip to an Ife farm

There are so many Nigerians who know very little about cocoa farming activities in Nigeria, which is one of the agelong viable cash crops grown mostly in western part of the country.

Ile Ife cocoa farmers

If you are one of them, well Odunayo Oti of Battabox Nigeria, an Ile-Ife daughter in an elaborate documentary on Ife culture and activities, took time to visit local farmers in farms too, where a lot were explained on how farming life is for lots of cocoa farmers in Ile-Ife, which is one of the Nigerian towns prominently known for heavy production of the crop.

Enjoy and learn

See also other parts of the interview on trips to Strategic places in Ile-Ife and monumental sites.

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Continuity 2

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