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The Story of Queen Moremi: The Offa & Ife link

Queen Moremi is a popular heroine in traditional Yoruba Land, particularly for her heroic role in Ife tradition, where she was reported to have helped her husband, the then Ooni of Ife King Oranmiyan, to stop the ugly incessant tormenting of Ife by Ugbo invaders, where she sought the help of a river goddess, Esinmrin and later sacrificed her only child and son, Oluorogbo to the Esinmirin river in fulfilment of her pledge, thereby paying the ultimate price only very rare women can pay. And today, there is an annual symbolic remembrance of that fearless memorable gesture, in what is called Eedi festival in Ile-Ife.

Queen Moremi Offa and Ile Ife

Queen Moremi statue today is standing very tall in the ancient Ile-Ife town along Okerewe, like the popular statue of liberty and the name has also been immortalised in the annual Queen Moremi beauty pageant to celebrate young Yoruba women of class with beauty, as Queen Moremi was reported in history to be one of the most beautiful ladies ever existed. A paragon of beauty, she was always being described.

Having said all that, there are parts of Moremi history that many people aren’t aware of, and that her life wasn’t all about Ife and Ugbo kingdom war, rather it also draws across Offa, her home town.

In this interesting community report, a Channels TV reporter took time to make this documentary on the link of Moremi as a proud daughter of Offa Ibolo kingdom. The report also gives a brief insight into the history of Offa town vis-à-vis the culture, religion and core values.

It is a 3 parts video documentary.. Enjoy them in bits.

You can click the videos & “Watch on Youtube” link.

Part I

Part II

Part III

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