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Grass to Grace: Celebrating Oga Dele Momodu at 60!

How Nigerian Newspapers will be filled with pictures of Oga Dele Momodu yesterday can be best imagined, in celebration of his 60th birthday.

As an addicted newspaper reader then, it is always a waste of hard earned money buying papers like Guradian, Punch and the Nation ng on days when a popular Nigeria is celebrating his or her birthday, because more than 60% of the paper will be full page spread adverts and pictures.

I bought one the-nation one fateful saturday, God knows that even the front page was nothing but encomiums, let alone of the inside. It was Asiwaju’s BAT 60th birthday. Lol

For Oga Dele, being the king of name dropping and publicity himself, it is a good time for his admirers to paint the town red and cover every public spaces with Dele Momodu at 60, as a good pay back time.

If not for COVID, the celebration would have been one of the most attended Owambes of the year.

Why? Because it’s Bobdee – the man that knows almost every big man in Nigeria; from the most successful Nigerians in every villages, to the most Influentials and power brokers, and one who will waltz himself in that beautiful picture of past and moment.

But if you ask me, he has indeed come a long way too merrying and writing. It is a good time to celebrate a life of grace, especially one who had a very humble beginning.

Dele never travelled out of the ancient town of Ile-Ife (his much loved second home, where he was born by an Edo man who married a woman from Gbongan town) – until he was 28yrs old.

He had all his education in Ife.. In fact he attended same Primary schoolI went to — L.A Primary School Ifewara road Ife, the a bit of Oluorogbo Gram School and St. John Gram school, where he flunked most of his papers in sciences and took a resit twice till he managed to get credits to get admitted to the then University of Ife, for a degree in Yoruba.

Even his NYSC was in Ife again, and funnily my high school too, Oyo state school of Arts and Science (OSCAS IFE) later Osun State School of Science IFE, an A-level school later turned state number one science training school.

Dele went back to OAU again, for a masters degree in English literature, while working as an hotel manager, then politician’s private Secretary till he managed to escape the sleeping town of Ife to Lagos, and got hired by MKO newspaper. I’m sure you know the rest of the journey? Lol…

Indeed, a controversial publicist but you can’t excuse his brilliance at writing, and in story telling – one art of writing that very few writers do outstandingly.

Belated Birthday wishes to Oga Dele’ – the one wey get mouth.


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