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Is Stress Killing you? – See 5 Natural ways to fight Stress

Stress to me, is a natural way through which the body undergoes a strike action like the way the Nigerian government workers do – especially ASUU (Academic Staff Union of Universities) show their grievances.

Funny right?

Well, stress can also be likened to malfunctioning of a mechanical device, showing that all is not well. When your phone is misbehaving, it has been stressed. When your car is beginning to show signs of fixing, obviously it has been stressed out for many reasons.

Like everything else, our body pays for the wages of every hard labour you make it go through daily, and the way it shows its signs and symptoms that this is beyond normal is called stress.

According to Medical experts stress is one of the most serious killers of modern age, and a resultant effect of what we all go through daily which we should pay serious attention to, otherwise it kills silently.

So how do we manage this stress?

The most popular way to fight stress that many know is by using drugs (medicines) especially pain killees or relievers. They have headaches due to stress, they take paracetamol or panadol etc.

They do a lot of physical work during the day that makes the muscle to start aching – immediately they start looking for those body relief – Chinese medicine , all of which ended up causing drug resistance in the body. And overtime drugs/medicine wouldn’t work in the body again or as effective as they should be, because your system is now so used to it and you have to use extra doses of the commended, before it has any serious effect on you.

So what are possible natural ways to ease off, after a stressful day?

Here are 5 ways that I have tried and have proven to be very effective in fighting and managing stress.

  1. Drinking a lot of water: I noticed recently that drinking water is a perfect way to keep healthy and helps in fighting stress and anxiety. I wish I had observed this long ago. Water is a universal solvent that works in the body too. When you drink water, there are myriads of things it does in your system. First it flushes all toxins from all those harmful substances that you have consumed and reduces their reactive effect. Being dehydrated has bad effects on the body many metabolism pathway, which can result into unexplained stress level due to discomfort. Research has shown that their is a form of interplay between stress hormone Cortisol and dehydration. Hydration rather brings your stress level down in body regularity but sadly many of us drink less of water daily. About 2.4 litres is recommended to be consumed daily, that’s about 8-ounces and 4 to 5 sachets of Nigerian pure water of 50cl. One sachet contains 0.5litres. So you should take at least 4 daily to be hydrated.
Fighting stress with water

Again when someone faints, usually you see people pouring water on them for revival and it works. It is no magic, water revive the body – whether you drink it or pour them on the body. Though you shouldn’t give an unconscious person water until they are stable while reviving them.

2. Take a shower or have your Bath: This is one best way for me to heal myself, once I know I’m tired and I’m noticing signs of body ache and headache. Taking shower after the day has been proven in many ways to be a natural remedy in managing stress, as it calms nerves & muscles. Cortisol the stress hormone also gets reduced when hydrated.

Shower and bath to fight stress

3. Sleep/Rest : Resting or sleep is probably the best way for the body to adjust itself to defaults. If you’re sick and can’t sleep, you are already dying slowly. Just like bad food, lack of sound sleep is another contributor to deteriorating health conditions for many. While you sleep, your body simmers. Your blood pressure comes down, the heart becomes relaxed and metabolic activities is believed to be reduced by 15% – all reducing both cardiovascular and metabolic complications.

Sleep and stress understanding

Once you sleep, the body works on hormones like cortisol and adrenaline to give street relief in a way you can not explain and that’s why doctors advice you sometimes to rest and have enough sleep. Normal daily sleep hours according to research is pegged between 8-9hrs daily but many of us are fond of sleep deprivation, which is not too good general body wellbeing. If stress is killing you, please try to sleep for long hours. It helps.

4. Natural Balm: These are formulated cream like make up that are often used for body pain relief with little or no side effects. They are used for muscle and joint pains, chest pains, colds and cough and headaches. Common Natural balm around us here Aboniki, Robb, Ero-Arike and even Shear butter called “Orí”.

Fighting stress naturally

They all have natural stress relieving components that will restore your muscles and joints to normal, especially if your stress is due to physical activities. After a stressful day, you don’t have to be taking pills, just relax, shower, use any of these natural balm to soothe your body and grease all aching parts gently. If you can get a nice body massage, it’s will be fine too. Then sleep up to 7-8hrs, like from 10pm to 6am and wonder why you will wake relieved and reinvigorated.

5. Eat lots of fruits & Vegetables: There have been so much talk about for your body to continue to work wonders, and it is a commonly known truth that you’re what you eat. Taking some fruits at night is a great way help your body to fight stress naturally.

Food that fight stress in Nigeria

These fruits like banana, avocados, walnuts, Oranges, Watermelon, Cashew nuts, Blueberries etc – all of which contain compounds that have antioxidant properties, and can work on certain hormones, that repair worn out body cells, fight aging, promote good sleeps, and resultantly fighting stress. There are more foods that should be eaten to fight stress and there are worst food to eat when stressed, especially heavy foods, sugars, and stimulants like Coffee.

I’m sure you have learned something from this? Drop your comment if you like this post.

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