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How to grow cucumber in your home garden easily

Cucumber is one of the many fruits that most people naturally don’t understand how they are grown or farmed, yet it is fast gaining prominence in Nigerian markets and also becoming a must eat fruit for dieting, weight loss and simply for healthy diet purpose.

How to grow your cucumber at home easily
How to grow your cucumber at home easily

Cucumber is low in calories, yet super packed in vitamins and minerals. It is a good fruit to get hydrated, and of course it is rich in loads of antioxidants. In fact the health benefits of cucumber are endless.

So, bought your cucumber and you are wondering just how can it been grown from those little seeds in your home with small piece of land? Then look no further, this 2mins video guides right.


If you enjoy that. Check this next video on how to grow it by transplanting into used buckets and gallon.

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