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Watch: 20 Interesting & Popular Old Nigerian Adverts (Series 1)

I love Adverts, and it is probably the next thing that makes me stay glue to the TV box, after listening to News and watching interesting personalities Interviews on Talk shows.

Adverts are no doubt viable ways to promote brand’s products through theatric informative messages, lovely songs, or sometimes using of relatable objects in a way to arouse peoples mind and sustain it, in what we call “Brand Recall”.

An Advert according to research sources must fulfil some salient criteria to stand out and to achieve the purpose of ads making in marketing efforts. This includes, simplicity, being catchy, informative, being suggestive, etc among many other qualities.

So what are these popular Interesting adverts particularly loved by Nigerians?

Well, here are first 5 Interesting ones that are evergreen from my archive, and they are in no particular order. I picked them because they resonate with many TV lovers. You know that kind advert you hear from Kitchen and you run to the sitting room to enjoy it. Lol

I will be doing them in series and this is Series 1. Here we go.

  1. Cowbell “Oyoyo yo yo” Advert – Cowbell milk maker in Nigeria through this ads indeed provided Nigerians with unarguably one of the best brand adverts in the country, which resultantly enjoyed massive airwaves on TV & Radio stations for years while it lasted. The ad teaches about the Nutritional value of Cowbell milk in few minutes and it was an instant success with many people turning it to their phone ringtones. Lol

Enjoy it here

Cowebellocrazy Advert

You can also download the ringtone for your phone here.

2. Mtn “Sunshine- Oh Jerry” Advert – Telecommunication giant MTN Nigeria has never been short of beautiful adverts with many series of “Everywhere you go” tags. One of their first ads that I love and I do know many people will always remember is “Oh Jerry” ads, where two young lovebirds in long distance relationship were communicating on phone early in the morning and the guy showed the girl the picture of the sun from phone by telling her to come outside of the room, depicting the yellowness of MTN brand as sun shines and being seen everywhere. Lol.

Enjoy it here..

MTN sunshine

3. FCMB Merry Christmas Advert – I don’t know why I won’t stop loving this Advert. Top Nigerian bank FCMB mesmerized many Nigerians with this beautiful season greetings Advert using Christian Hymn song few years ago, to show their love and appreciation to their customers, and it remained one of the best bank adverts so far.

Enjoy here..

FCMB Merry Christmas

4. Skye Bank Hakuna Matata Advert – Talk of one of the banks that has been consistent with dishing out lovely brand adverts in Nigeria, Skye bank now Polaris Bank have never been found wanting. From their popular Advert “Saying Yes” to “Hakuna matata” which means “no trouble” in Swahili language and was popularized in 1994 Disney movie called The Lion King and was said to mean “don’t worry”, Skye bank had always been delivering. I hope they still stay around for long in their new metamorphozized new name called Polaris Bank.

Enjoy the advert here.

5. Indomie Iya Ewe Advert – Top Nigerian Noodles maker of Indomie instant noodles got many Yoruba lovers endeared, with this Iya Ewe ad, which depict the love of kids for noodles and why they will keep coming. Very interesting advert for Yoruba lovers. I love it.


Do you love these? Which one is the best for you? Let us know and why. I particularly love the first from Cowbell, hence why I picked it as my no 1. Lol. Don’t mind me. It’s irresistible to many.

Watch out for series 2!

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