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In your pursuit of excellence in Life, never stopped looking for what you can do better than others. I mean discovering your talent.

Doing what you are not made or cut for sometimes make you invaluable, unappreciated and unfulfilled.

Only what you’re good at, makes you happy while at it – getting feedbacks, and getting fulfilment.

And it doesn’t matter how short the life is, in doing what you are best wired for, what counts is making it worthwhile.

To discover yourself you need these five things:

  1. Know thy self: Know what makes you happy while doing it and what you may never wanted to be caught doing. It doesn’t matter how meaningless that thing is, it means something. Keep at it! I first learned this from Fela Durotoye. Studied Computer Science & Economics, but noticed he was somehow technologically lazy. So, he has figured out what he may never do in life, and working in an IT company is one. When you know what you don’t ever like to be it, it helps to easily focus on what you would never mind. It doesn’t matter what you studied, you just cross out by Elimination method and collect your like terms. Nah. I hate this. This, can be me. It makes sense that way.
How to discover your talent easily
How to discover your talent easily

2. Ask people what they think of You: Don’t think you know yourself, let people rate and assess you, especially strangers because friends often deceive you in order not to hurt you, but the truth is what should look out for. Don’t judge yourself, let people do. We all watch reality shows, many times most people who come forward to say they know are mostly folks clowning about and judges help pull the best out of the multitudes. Sometimes they may not be correct but they help guide who shouldn’t even keep trying at all, and it saves such person’s time.

A student would never know he’s that brilliant until he gets those compliments and scores to prove he truly knows much and he’s far ahead of others. You may be wasting your time thinking you are doing something but just you’re forcing it. Positive Feedbacks force you to give more and nothing but the best to stand you out. Some Negative comments are also nothing but sheer bad belle, but when the hissing is getting too much, like what the hell is this one, try and improve or move to something else. Remember, there is no time to waste.

3. Get a mentor: If there is anything you love, it can be learnt not every thing is inborn. The best road side mechanic learned it. You may not do much if you don’t see a bigger picture you admire. You just keep wallowing in your little grandiose. You can never attract who you don’t admire. Once you click with someone who does one thing just more for that thing, you can try it too. Interest is important. You can always be like who you read from or listen too. There is charming magic about it. It just happens.

Watch what Tom Bilyeu, a billion dollars founder of Quest Nutrition has to say about talent discovery here. I hope it teaches you something.

How to find your talent

4. Prioritize first: You can be very good in many things and that’s a bigger problem sometimes. Many are in that shoe. They just don’t know the best feet to deep in the water first, right or left? Yet they can’t deep both while standing until they are seated. When you are well seated doing one, you can incorporate others. Teju baby face started with movies, then comedy, and now a TV Presenter. One door will open more, then you can transit/Shift base.

5. Pray about it: I believe everyone has been destined to be one thing or the other. Put forth your dream and back it up with prayers – that’s if you believe God does all things though. Lol

As you have loads of time during this Corona Period, you can use it to reflect on this things for personal development.

You know why talent discovery matters? Because It saves you time.

Loads of time.

Makes you purposeful.

Time is money, don’t waste it.

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