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Hustle pays too: A Special Tribute to Online Comedian, CuteBiola

Someone gave this guy @Cutebiola aka Ankara Gucci this car on his birthday celebration yesterday. In fact, someone among his fans who he had never met or heard of. When my wife showed me yesterday, I just smiled and felt happy for the dude.

The story of thecutebiola rise to fame in comedy business has never been accident. From one Alagbole side (Ghetto side) of Ilorin, Ankara Gucci keeps balling. Probably one of the first online comedians that I followed from his very first few days. As at the time he started this Ilorin local funny skits, all he had was just O-level. But he had his focus. He would go to one street, shot his video, do another at backyards of not beautiful building, and another inside palapala agbole.

He keeps dishing out originality and more people keep accepting his brand. Then Nollywood Actor Femi Adebayo found him while he was S.A to Gov at Ilorin like an adopted son and many brands started coming from hair saloons to Car sellers, to rich folks.

Ankara Gucci in his small days.

He does ads for them and make small money from them. I knew a lot of small businesses at Ilorin through Ankara Gucci’s Comedies. He would go to Ilorin stadium every Saturday to play and do video with kunu seller, small hawkers and I became more interested in watching him every other day. We are in a stressed society, comedies are relievers for some of us. It makes us laugh and feel life can be simpler too and there are thousands of folks like that, as such you will get your place and it is not only about comedy but every other legitimate hustle.

Hustle pays too. Don’t wait till you’re employed if jobs ain’t just coming. You can employ yourself. Keep thinking of what you can use your hand or Idea to do. Heaven rewards hardwork in many ways. I have seen that many times.

In hustle, you may not earn a lot at the beginning but the efforts being put to make it will yield one day. I’m a number 1 supporter of hustlers. Just make it legit, whether in karakata business, or creative business or Service providing or jama jama in Artisanship, it will yield someday.

I have a friend who makes more money in COVID on POP & tiling going into hundreds of thousands. Don’t let anyone decieve you that you are wasting your time like someone once told me that an hustler is someone who has no focus or dream in life, just doing this and that.

Lol! I told him the truth in life is that most successful people have tried their hands on different things. Basketmouth started with rap music, e no pay, e no work, e tried comedy.

P-Square started with football in Jos with Mikel. In fact people claimed they were both good players then, but changed to music.

You can run an online radio business today, if e no work after years, you can try going into graphic designs, nothing stops you from scratching many surfaces.

Ankara Gucci today is also a naval Officer. Toh! E rise olohun bi..(See God’s ways!) Everything na still hustle o. Lol.

Cute biola comedy story
Cute biola as a Naval Officer

What’s the 2D or Koko of this whole thing (Essence of this write up)?

Well, the message is simple. Keep thinking of many things you can also try and be relentless in your pursuit. Hustle pays too and there is always an harvest time.

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