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Social media for fighting Injustice: 5 Lessons from Tola Azeez’s Assault

According to the information reaching me now, the two wicked police officers, Ikuesan Taiwo & Abbass Ibrahim, that were reported days ago following an online viral video, where they were visibly seen and filmed, while assaulting a sisterand a Facebook friend, Ms. Tola Abdulazeez at Iwo town of Osun state, while going to get a medication and Reliefs for family members during the COVID-19 lockdown in the state, have been dismissed eventually by the Nigerian Police force, after been found guilty of the allegation.

Read the police update here..

Police update on dismissed erring officers in Osun
Police update on dismissed erring officers in Osun

No doubt, this is a collective victory over lawlessness, abuse of power and tyranny. It is a clear statement of little emancipation and a plus for the powerless, and for the common man on the street, and I must quickly thank the Police force from Osun State Command, under the leadership of the CP, Tunde Kokumo and the IG of the federation for delivering Justice without delay. This is swift and commendable. Social influencers like Omo Iya Kunmi who did more than a lot to raise Facebook cry-out, Media Personalities from Osun like Betawale Adediran and S.A Media to Hon. Bamidele Salam – Adedayo Oderinu all deserve to be appreciated for rising to fight for a sister and a friend when it matters most.

That said, I think this is not just an event but one with salient lessons for concern actors, the Organizations and everyone of us.

To the Public Office holders

  1. To all public officers, especially the police officers, this should serve as deterrent to many others who are fond of misusing power in discharging their duties. You can never tell who is watching. Don’t let your anger take the better part of you.

2. There should be high regards for women, it is no joke and has nothing to do with gender inequality. The Nigerian culture expects women to be treated more fairly and many Nigerians are emotional about this – finding yourself where women will make you loose your job requires caution, especially when they have done nothing wrong to warrant ill treatments. What you can do to a fellow man, you may not go away with it easily, if it is a woman – especially pregnant ones, nursing mothers and aged women or even men. Try and understand the peculiarities of values of your immediate community, before going paranoid.

To the common man reading this..

3. To all members of the general public, this is equally a good precedence to act upon teaching us something that If you see any injustice or wrong anywhere, try and get a video evidence, it is always hard to deny, than mere giving accounts.

4. Social media is more powerful than we think. Imagine if this was reported to a police station in IWO town, probably the police there would have dealt with lady more, or dispel the allegation, by deleting all evidences like pictures and videos, in an attempt to protect one of their own.

5. Social media aid is cheap and has speedy response. You don’t have to know big folks to seek justice, all it takes is one big SM Influencer, and that’s it. Tweets are done and retweeted, posts are shared widely and before you know it, concern bodies get worried. There are loads of timely results and testimony from people who are shortchanged by bank transactions like deductions that are not reversed, undue debiting and more. All you need is to go to your Facebook or twitter account ( This is more effective and prompt) and narrate your complain briefly and tag appropriate authorities handles, including the particular bank twitter handle, Central Bank of Nigeria @Cenbank, Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation @NDIC and Consumer Right Protection Council or Consumer Protection Commission @(CPC). This will make response come faster. It has always worked.

If you have no Idea of going about this, look for a twitter influencer, to do this for you pro-bono or at a token. It works fine always.

Organization are ready to do everything to save face by distancing themselves from every elements of crimes.

And as much as Social media can be used for brand and business promotions cheaply, it can also be used to seek revenge and prevent crime.

Don’t keep silent, voice out.

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