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Meet the Nigerian Diplomat to China, fighting Chinese Officials for Racism

There is a video that has been trending online in the last 2 to 3 days, with the footage, showing a man, telling the Chinese officials many reasons why they are wrong to have asked Nigerians not to go out, when other nationals are not doing same, and still seized their passports, which is also contravening.

Nigerian Diplomat Mr Rasaq Dayo Lawal Consul Chancery Guangzhou China
Mr Rasaq Dayo Lawal Vice Consul of the Chancery Guangzhou China

The video has received many commendations from many viewers and many are asking for the identity of the man, and some are even saying he deserves a National Award for that astute stern act of a true Nationalist to the core.

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Chinese officials over the maltreatment of Nigerians

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So, who is this man???

Who is the man wearing mask on native dress blasting the Chinese in the viral video on Stigmatization of Africans, particularly Nigerians as unconfirmed carriers of “COVID-19”?

Well, he is no other person but Mr, Rasaq Dayo Lawal – The Nigerian vice Consul for Chancery (Trade and Investment) in Guangzhou China.

Mr. Rasaq Dayo Lawal is from Lagos state and he has been described by many as core though diplomat. He’s a 1999 graduate from Ogun State University now Olabisi Onabanjo University Ago Iwoye.

His Identity is being mistaken for his boss, the consul General, Mr. Wale Oloko whose picture is shown below.

Nigerian Diplomat named Shakirudeen Adewale Oloko
Consul General to Guangzhou, Wale Oloko

This information as put to rest, that it is no Mr. “Anozie Mmaduabuchi Cyril” contrary to what many are writing on some blogs, including LindaIkejiblog who did no single research, but just believed some people unfounded claim, and whose idea is to give undue credits.

The tonnage in the way of speaking English will show anyone familiar with Nigerian people, that this is likely a typical village Yoruba man with “native sense”. Lol. His customized Cap is also a clue to his identity here.

I heard the Hausa are claiming him too.

Well, It’s all good. Even many African countries are already fighting themselves, that many of their diplomats should learn from the candour and braveness of the Nigerian Vice Consul of the Chancery at Guangzhou.

This, we also fight about often on Nairaland, that has turned the biggest Nigerian online forum to an ethnical yabbing spot, particularly the adduced “Afonja and flatty” stereotyping. Lol.

Well, we understand the rivalry between the Igbo and Yoruba is age long, but we should give credit if it is Igbo kwenu, or Yoruba kwenu, or Proud Fulani.

There are great people every where you turn to, as much as you also have terrible ones across different tribes and races.

Knowing someone you have an identity similarities to, is doing something amazing, inspires one to do more.

We can’t distance ourselves from taking pride in our root, as either Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo or Edo etc, but when ethnicity is beginning to roar its ugly head, that’s when we should draw caution.

As a Yoruba man, I’m proud of Mr. Rasaq Dayo Lawal and other Nigerians defending their country men and fighting injustice.

God bless Nigeria.

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