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How does NYSC life look like? – Here are 15 things to expect.

That NYSC is the dream of many undergraduates and fresh graduates for many reasons, is not in doubt.

First, it is that point in life of many, when most will have to travel long distances, “from Lagos to Kano, Akwa Ibom to Kastina, Gboko to Nnewi or Benin to Ilorin”.

Secondly, it a dream come true for some for wearing that nysc uniform for the first time, which is like the main pictorial evidence or certificate for being a graduate in Nigeria. Many times the feeling is somehow unexplainable. It felt somehow wearing my pairs of uniform and jungle boat at Yikpata camp then. Lol

Thirdly, it offers many an opportunity to see what a working life will look like as the “Allawee earning” has always been a dream stipend, right from school days – so coming closer to earning it, makes one to feel highly ecstatic.

And above all, breaking cultural backgrounds to see what others feel about certain things is also one major experience many will relish, where you meet all manners of people from different tribes and cultural backgrounds.

Whichever way you feel about your Nysc life, it’s fine, it will come and go, as we all have once experienced same. Lol

So, what are those things you should likely expect and plan for while preparing for your service year in Nigeria some day?

Well, Omoelublog have gathered 15 likely things you should expect as you prepare for your NYSC Journey in Nigeria.

  1. You might not be posted to the state/town you like.

One common thing about NYSC posting is that we all have special places in our hearts where we dream to be, but somehow, because of many reasons, the body posts us elsewhere. I remembered how I was rooting for Abuja and Ogun, and was already dreaming of working with one of those big ministries in the federal capital or how I can end up in one of those Ogun towns along Lagos-Ibadan express way, where I can start my spare part business with the high presence of trucks around that area. I was already counting millions in my dream. Lol. Alas! I was posted to Kwara State. It was a nice experience all the same. So, while you are dreaming of cities, prepare for the worst sometimes, villages with inaccessible roads, lack of drinkable water, poor medical facilities and what have you. That “runs” at nysc may not work. You find yourself in one remote village. But then, there are lessons everywhere. Providence may be taking you there to better the lives of some poor people there. So, expect anything and accept your posting in good fate.

2. Curiosity will almost drown you after posting.

I remembered just like yesterday the expectations of seeing what Yikpata camp at Kwara North will look like. What the activities will look like, and the kind of people I will meet and how they can help my life. God helps you, if you are a single corper to be. Lol. You will likely be dreaming of meeting that fine chick or dude who will fall in love with you and end up being the right one. Lol.

Well, I didnt sleep well, the night before the opening of Camp. I don’t know why, I just couldn’t. You may experience same too. Enjoy it, it’s normal.

3. You may be attached to roommates or hostel you dont like.

I was lucky to be posted to a cubicle of mostly people who can speak my language, so we were so free to express anything without holding back. The two Igbo guys from Nekede were also a big plus to our click, they learned Yoruba fast from us and we joked at night about many things, particularly school days. But some folks are not lucky. They have roommates who were reserved and dont mix and some find themselves in halls where there are thieves among corpers stealing money or the other things. So, they spend most times sleeping with new trusted friends. You should look out for this too. Keep your money very well and look for like minds.

4. Camp Activities may almost wreck you.

From the first day you are entering the camp, it almost from one activities to another. Queueing for hours under sun is most likely, as you begin registration to get your NYSC camp number, that you may soon be hanging on your neck for Identification. You may also not be able sleep until very late at night, especially if you arrive the camp lately. So, coming on time to camp is advisable. And as you wake every morning, it is from the military whistle blowing for parade. I’m sure you watched that film called “Up North” by where Banky W was feeling disturbed by being woken early. Expect that too. It can be heavily tasking.

5. Facilities may likely be overstretched

Basic needs like water may be sometimes unavailable, so it can be utterly despicable to find toilets not flushed with mountain of shits in there – for camps that have toilets. Some camps don’t have, as the one built are no longer in use. So, you may see guys and girls defecating in the bush or you see them taking baths nakedly outside of the hostel.. This is a common scene. But fear not, guy and girls don’t stay in the same place. The only problem is that you may be scared by different sizes of manhood and women bossom, if you are a guy and a girl respectively. Other things that is common is stealing of buckets you bought, slippers too can go missing sometimes. Ensure you come with enough numbers of everything if you hate screaming for looking for your missing items.

6. You may not like the food or how they are being served

There are more than many experiences of people abandoning the camp’s kitchen for many reasons, ranging for unreadiness of food, hygienic nature, stress of queuing to use ticket to get the food or you just don’t like the taste. Lol. It happens. So, many end up buying food at Maami market which could be financially draining. So, ensure you have loaded pockets if you can’t manage or you are selective of foods.

7. After the first week, the camp life will start feeling boring.

NYSC experience and camping
NYSC experience and camping

There is this point where you are already tired of everything and you can’t just wait to leave because of the law of “see finish”. You are like, so this is everything about this camp of thing? You have met everyone you are anticipating to see, you, you have seen almost every places, your NYSC uniform is already becoming a just another fabric out there and many more. Lol. It’s normal, but wait till the camp is about ending at the third week. I remembered we started singing song at a point that goes like “Oh my home when shall I see my home”… Then it sometimes feels renewed again because of the fear of loosing the people you have met in three weeks, that you may never meet again. It will happen, so enjoy that moment while it lasts.

8. You will be friends with people who also finished your same school.

It is common to see fellow alumnus from your school in camp and you become so close that you wonder why you didn’t meet while you were in school for 4 to 5yrs. Lol. This relationship often go for long that you may keep it for life. Unlike people you drop after camp, you may always wanna stay in touch with people you finished from the same school with. I heard it is cool as you always have many things to talk about. Look out for this. I met many of my old students on camp and there are schools that you wonder If the camp is only for those that finished from your school, because of the population of faces you can recognize. It is always interesting in that case too, because you have more people to hang out with.

9. Avoid peer pressure

As you go about your camping and NYSC, remember to remind yourself of where you are coming from and how those at home may expect good conducts from you. Don’t join them to falsify strange medical reports with strange diseases you don’t have to facilitate redeployment. If you must redeploy, do it rightly and ensure it is not someone that is influencing you to redeploy out of your own volition. Be yourself.

10. Start planning on camp for your PPA life

Don’t be too engrossed with camp life that you forget the real deal of the place you might spend the whole year. Engage in camp activities. Platoon leaders often influence posting of people they like to choice PPA’s where you might earn good additional pay apart from your Allawi. Meet new people. Engage them, share your NYSC dream, you may be lucky to meet likes minds whom together you can both make things happen. Search online for good PPA in the state that align with your dream and plan for them. It may work. NYSC may post you to a place and you work your ways to wear you like. Like the post you to a school and you look for a radio house because you like broadcasting. It is possible. Just do it rightly.

11. Most corpers will end up teaching

One hard reality to swallow is that majority of corpers are often posted to schools, except graduates of courses like Nursing, medicines or paramedics etc who are often posted to hospitals, a larger majority will end up in classrooms.

Many Engineering graduates will most likely teach. Agric/Sciences graduates will teach as well and many from different disciplines. There are however some who will find themselves in other places, outside classrooms. Whichever one you find yourself. Just sit down with it and do it well.

12. Travelling all about may be a problem

Because of increasing records of deaths of corp members over the years, there is an ever becoming stringent laws that forbid corp members from travelling indiscriminately during their service year as inspectors go around to PPA for monitoring and names are written at Local governments at certain times of the months which are used for clearances for payment. So, when you are being posted, be prepared you are sacrificing a year for the national service and do less of moving about, unnecessarily. Erring or queried Corp members are often sanctioned with extension of year of service without pay or delay of discharged certificates. Just be vigilant and be careful, to avoid troubles.

13. Allawii may be delayed.

Just like it is common in some private or public service Jobs, there are high chances that some banks may delay your monthly payment till second weeks of the month like 13th,14th or 15th(s) of the following month. So, if you don’t spend wisely, you will always find yourself complaining. The money may quickly go up that it will be hard to save a bit, but you can. Just be prudent with that 33k. See what you can do with the 33k and plan on it.

14. You will see people telling you about one of professional exams like NIM, Health safety stuff or the other.

While you are planning to have a professional certificate to brighten your CV after service, pls ensure you really need it and it is one that align with your career interest and goal, such that it will be useful someday. The truth is that many people wasted their money on many of these consultancy printed certificates that are not recognized anywhere. If you need well accepted Professional certificates, search online and you will see tons.

15. You will be thinking too much on what’s next after NYSC.

This is common when the exit hour is tickling so fast and you are already thinking of life back at home – the buddies you don’t want to go and meet at home again. The thought of how long you goona stay till you finally get your first Job. The story of no or few jobs in the country and lots more. Lol..

In short there are many things that will keep disturbing your mind and it is very common and how you spend your years in the scheme so far, will either lessen or compound your worries or woes. Just try and take things easy, figure how what you want and you don’t want to be.

Decide on time what may be next. A Masters degree? A Volunteering Job? A low paid Job, learning a trade or skill or kick start the dream Job search, just plan on what’s next and how you want to go about it and you will be fine.

Your last two months “allawi” will be paid together – and with that, you can live on it, for couple of days till you settle back into a life after NYSC..

Is this anyway helpful?

Wishing you a successful service year.

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