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El-rufai visits Ex Emir Sanusi in AWE – A short pictorial Dialogue

A recent news today has it that, the Executive Governor of Kaduna State, Malam Nasir El-rufai has paid the recently dethroned Emir of Kano and former governor of central bank of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi a visit at his newly foisted home in Awe town of Nassarawa State. El-rufai in the last few days has continued to show an unalloyed support to his friend and brother over his recent misfortune. Well, from the picture of the visit below, this a satiric dialogue and I can see.

El-rufai in Awe town
El-rufai in Awe town

Note: Everything you’re reading below is nothing but mere Jokes and it exists only in my imagination. Don’t take it serious Lol.

Nasir: Baba abeg manage this 10million cheque, no vex say e small.  I just quickly sneak in here, make I quickly run back to office, no one knows I was coming here fa

Sanusi: Haaa.   Nasir, my brother.  You worry a lot oo.  Haba! I’m grateful ooo.   Haa! Na person you be ooo. 

Nasir: Haa.  What have I done??? More is still coming ooo..  I’m still talking to stakeholders in Kaduna state, particularly our Emirs to find a way to adopt you as the first Emir of one of our settlements in Zaria. We will do anything to see say you are not depressed by this ugly development.

Sanusi: Haaaaaaa.. Depressed ko? Kai. Not in the least. Haven’t you read my letter of acceptance of dethronement??? I stated categorically that Allah gives power and take at will. I’m working with the new Emir. But, this short malam! I’m short of words oo.  May Allah not put you to shame too. 

Nasir: Hmn. But you get heart sha oo, If na me o, I for don peme ooo.

El-rufai visits Sanusi in Awe
El-rufai sitting with Sanusi in Awe

Sanusi: Lol. You are a strong hearted man too joor. By the way, what should they serve you, antelopes??? Buffalo??? This black heavy man behind you is the Chief hunter in this town, no animal when them never give me here. In short, I’m even considering turning here to home oo. Love they rush me here. Lol

Nasir: Haa. Baba! Free yourself ooo. Nothing do you, just be careful of Corona virus, that thing is the biggest news worldwide after your ordeal oo. Abeg, I need to go sharply before them topple government for me, I know Ganduje is not happy with this my kurukere movements in the last few days. Nagode baba. See you soon.

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