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A small Letter to a brother looking for Job

I wrote this as a comment post. All on my experience so far.

A brother needs to know how he can save to have his dream livestock farm and another brother say, go and find work and save. And he said, but there is no Job

I had to drop this comment “Go online apply for low cadre Jobs, you have chances of getting a place than crowded space. It doesn’t matter how you start, how you end up matters”.

Look for Jobs like Store Keeper, Supervisor, Sales Rep, Admin officer, security, P.A etc. Go online, go to hotnigeriajobs dot com.

Save 5,000 ask someone to help you craft a CV, that covers all the above and which you can edit.

Search online for interview formats. Nothing is new again, they just want to hear you saying things you have learnt. And of course your confidence level.

In 6momths, if you are determined, you will see a place, a school, a small firm, a farm or a neighborhood company.

Note: Your salary may not be more than 30k.

I started like this with an Hostel manager/site supervisor after MBA.

I was offered 40k and I did it for 11months when I got a contract Lab Job which requires more of a biochemist. Today, my salary is double of that.
I married with my new job with 45k, next it went to 70k and jara added months later.

And I’m still moving to full scale entrepreneurship or be lucky to get a better job. Don’t wait or keep complaining. Start little.

You can also learn a skill. While I was doing my nysc & masters, my good friend Ayanwole and my best man on my wedding day, went to learn POP. A graduate of Demography & Statistics from OAU faa.. Today, he is a boss with prospect that has handled not less than 20 house projects. All not less than 50k profit to his pocket and sometimes more. He started on his own fully in 2018.. I know it is not much but he is heading somewhere. If I hear he buys car or build house, I will not be surprised. He has paid his dues. I’m never been so proud of a friend like him before. If you wanna do you your POP.. I recommend him.

Either skill or Small Job you will get there someday. Don’t expect a big job that will offer you 1000$ savings easily..

Let me also add that while I’m doing all these jobs, I trade, write and hustle join..

Just open up your options yourself otherwise person go dey on one point ni o..

I wish you all the best.

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