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Okele (Tunde Usman): 10 interesting things about this Yoruba actor

Okele Actor
Okele Actor

Comedy is becoming a relished stock in Yoruba movies today, that attracts a lot of viewers – to laugh out loud, away from the seriousness that living in Nigeria requires. And one of those Yoruba movie actors with compelling acting charm in humour merchandizing is Okele. Okele has gotten lots of admirers lately including myself and I decided to dig more about him, his life, how it started and these are 10 interesting information about Yoruba actor – Okele.

  1. Who is Okele or What’s his real name? Well, Okele’s name is Babatunde Usman.
Okele actor
Actor Okele

2. Where is Okele from ?? He revealed in an interview in 2018 that he hails from Oke Ogbun side of Ilorin South Local government of Ilorin Kwara State, Nigeria. Oke Ogbun according to him is not far away from the popular Gaa Akanbi in Ilorin, for those that know Ilorin very well like me. Lol

3. Is Okele Educated?? According to him, he only had the privilege to attend only primary school while in Ilorin, which is Gaa-Akanbi Primary School, Ilorin, and he didn’t further his education till he moved to Lagos State in 1992, to learn about Electronic repairing and he eventually becomes a repairer, called “Radionic” in Nigeria.

4. Entry into Acting from Repairing: He narrated that a man named Amuda was the one God used to attract him to the Nigerian movie industry in 1994, when he always tells him he’s going for Rehearsals. And from there, he also took keen interest and later joined a theatre group called “Tri’O” at Ijeshatedo Surulere, Lagos. He later met the popular actor Muyideen Oladapo Lala in 1999 who since then became his boss, mentor and supporter, under which he had produced not less than 8 movies till date.

5. Okele films/Movies : Okele has featured in no less than 100 movies and he has produced many films under Lala. Some of the movies are; Òju Ogbé which was his debut or first film, followed by others like Ìjoba Òsekan, Akoba Waheedi, Orín dolà, Ijoba Ominira & Kòsèfè (Which shot him into limelight). His recent movies in 2019 are Iyin & Olengbadun – The lazy is enjoying.

6. How did he come about his name Okele?? Smile. I’m sure everyone will want to know how & why Okele, because that means morsels or bolus in Yoruba. Could it be that he likes what Nigerians called Swallow food? No. Okele said he was given the name in a movie by a director who felt it suits him well, in a role where he was to be a King’s guard called Akódà Oba in Yoruba. And the name stuck ever since.

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7. His Favourite Role or Character: Obviously Okele is that popular guy who is often a uniformed gateman in many Yoruba films and one who comically interrogates his hirers or boss and every visitors that comes through the gate he’s manning. But Okele has played other roles like a Soldier in Sidikatu Randu, but of course it is comically too. Lol

Okele actor
Okele as Soldier

8. Recognition: Undoubtedly, Okele is becoming more popular by the day to home movie viewers, and it’s not surprising that today, he has gathered up to 128,000 followers on his Instagram handle as at the time of writing this post. That’s no joke, it reeks of massive love. In 2014, he got an Award for his film Ijoba Ose kan as best comedy film, and another Award by a Media platform called yorubamoviegist came in 2019 as Best Comedy Actor of the year.

Okele actor
Okele with his Award

9. Private Life: Okele got married in 2018 and he gave birth to a daughter on Sept, 10 2018.

10. How old is Okele? I know you want to know this. He isn’t too young anymore as he just crossed over 40yrs in 2019. Okele Tunde Usman was born on July 18th, 1979.

Okele Actor

Now that you know more about Okele. I hope you love him more? Lol

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