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Time is everything: A note to the youths

I ran into some posts online where people lament about things in a way that shows life hasn’t been fair; from young to olds, and as Nigerians and almost everyone can relate to hardship and frustration in Nigeria but hey, with plans, prayers and hope – it gets better, that it sometimes leaves no traces of one who has ever (suffered) been there before.

Today, I know people who have cried all years because of Admission. I did too. In fact the most dreaded experience that hit me as a young little boy in my teens was passing Jamb and not getting admission. I wrote that Jamb for 6 times back to back from 2003 to 2008! I had 200+ four times, one withheld and another 198.

I got into the same school and I realized graduating comes with hardwork, favour and Allah’s Barakah called blessings. Some of us were lucky to graduate in record time while some were there for a while. But they are not there for ever. Many are now doing well that their class of degrees or years spent had no meaning into who they have become. This must let you know that school is not everything even though it is something. Whatever it is, you are facing in that school right now, just know it will pass and become history one day.

Youth frustration in Nigeria
Youth’s frustration

I never thought there would ever be that day, when I will also go to school and come back. But I went, I conquered. Now, when I look back at the travails, I just smile.

I know people who have cried for years about not getting a job, but today, I see them posting pictures of their new office, beaming happily.

While looking for Job, a man told me his experience. With his Economics degree, he couldn’t get any good job but teaching Job of 28k. He was on this Job for 9 good years in the same school with salary slightly above that until one day when one parent of one of his pupils told him about an application, that a federal parastatal in the state is hiring and he applied just like any body. Today, he is the head of Procurement of the Institution and he told me plainly that there is always a low paid job for everyone and only a lazy man will say he can’t find at least a teaching Job to be managing till Gods know when. Just find something and hold that first. Sales Rep, Store keeper, Apprentice, Security etc… I held that and it had been a guide ever since. And you can also be hustling too. Research on things you can do, just don’t be idle and study tips that will make you not to broke and transform your pocket. You will be fine

I know a lot of ladies who my friends who never thought there will ever be a man of their own but today, they are happily married with children. And when I reminded them of those days of ranting, we just laugh it off. 30, 40yrs or even 50yrs, love can still find you. Time is everything.

I also know people with no children who later had one or two, and some who adopted and later realized things happen the way and how God wants it.

I don’t know what you believe in o, but never ever loose hope because things happen for reasons and there is always a time for everything.

This post is not to appear as a form of motivational speaking, but to mere friendly talk from experience to let you see that you are not alone in this. And that, people have crossed that river that you always think it will sweep you away.

What has been my comfort all this while and when I see beautiful pictures that look so good, that no one will ever imagine that you once cry because of this, is that few lines that say “time is everything”.

If you have faith – pray and keep hope alive while you keep working to make success yours. And dont kill yourself on things you may never find when you cross over there.

Heaven hells those who help themselves -they say.

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