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5 types of Businesses you can set up on Campus

One simple truth about life is that, there is no better person than the one with a better information and a better environment. So is it with wealth creation. The man with the idea my not have the doing wherewithal, and the one the cash to start something may be clueless on what to do with it. Well, Let me share a chapter with you from my book, Making Money with small businesses in Nigeria – An Ultimate guide for all small starters with Ideas, Hints and tips.

Small Business Idea on Campus in Nigeria

Again, In Business, some are early adopters and some are larger. I mean those who start something first and those who start much more later. The difference is in the timing. But then, there will always be new businesses and the less tapped opportunities depending on the environment and location. Hence the cravings to help.

As a Case study: When I left the University 7yrs ago, I doubt if I know any student who uses cooking gas for cook aside stove and hot plate, but today, I won’t be surprised, if I visit the same University of Ado-Ekiti campus, and find out that no student uses stove anymore or possibly few are still using it.

Gas fillers would have filled everywhere now – especially a place called “Satellite Junction or Iworoko”, Just like you find them almost everywhere on Tanke road in Ilorin. This is no doubt one of the moving businesses of the present and there are more.

Well, I have written tips and synopsis of “5 medium based businesses” for Graduate Entrepreneurs with starting capital of N500k upward, who wish to move to Campuses to kick start their Start-up businesses. I also briefly mentioned 10 other small businesses that can do well around Campuses along with it as a bonus

  1. Movie/Cinema House : There is no doubt that after Academics, Entertainment is another thing that makes the learning environment a worthwhile place. As they say, all work without play, makes Jack a dull boy. So, it is not hard to believe, while students might need somewhere to unwind and relax, away from demanding hours of studies.
    Again, research has proven that less than 10% of Nigerian Campuses have standard Cinema Houses, where students can relax, after the rigour of everyday learning. So, it is an opportunity for any ready Entrepreneur to take an advantage of.
    Just like Eateries, this business can turn to a very big one, that will have outlets in many Campuses across the Nation, because there are ready markets for it, presently in Nigeria with the return of Cinema houses in Nigeria.

10 Things you will need to start

1. Get a Good Catchy name E.g MovieZone, MovieArcade. Also, locate a good hall that can be designed in a serene corner on campus or outside campus.
2. Big TV Sets or Projectors, Film or Movie Posters, Speakers, Chairs, and other Cinema houses gadgets. (Google other things use by Cinema hours
3. Working Team: Labour is cheap on campus. You can use willing students who want to gain working experience and earn little penny while in school as Interns. They can work on routine or schedule as Ticketing officers, Marketers and Logistic officers, while you act as manager or you hire someone else.
4. Attract popular movies, and charge affordable student price. (Follow Movie makers on Social media particularly on Instagram to see latest updates and movies that students might enjoy
5. Give freebies and promos during public holidays, with the showing of popular movies E.g Wakanda. Lol
6. Add a small grocery store or mini cafe to the Movie house. {Students love to chill with drinks and snacks while Watching movies}.

7. Sell Movie CD’s, share new foreign movies to students at a cost, sell romantic and fictional Novels and books, in your movie house.
8. Get a standby generator or connect to the campus grid with an agreement with the University of Polytechnic management on certain charge. This will minimize cost on fuel on Generator.
9. Be Innovative as the Business grows, by adding more features. You can even add premiership football matches to your items.
10. Expand to other outlets to increase business base or campuses.

Note: Do your feasibility studies on the desired Campus and get a good location around student hostels. It shouldn’t be far from student premises, otherwise many will be too tired to walk into your place. Research more online!

2. Fitness Centre: There is no gainsaying that after, Academics and entertainment, another thing most students love to be part of, Campus Games and Exercises. If you visit some Campuses on Saturday morning, you will see boys playing soccer and few people exercising. The truth is that, there are a lot of people who need motivation to exercise regularly and it is one good innovation that most students will appreciate.

10 Things you need to start

  1. Get a hall around University’s Sport Centre, and procure few gymnastic machines, depending on your capital.
  2. Get Students Sport Instructors or Fitness Experts from the school department of Physical and Health Education who will guide your clients while you manage the fitness centre’s affair. These people will be willing to build their career from your startup
  3. Share handbills on your proposed business with good graphic designs stating and depicting clearly what you want to offer. Visit students hostels and classes after lectures, and register students who want to join fitness class at a monthly subscription fee.
  4. Different students can come with different plans depending on facilities to enjoy. From Normal to Premium, the higher the cost the greater the benefits.
    Items like walk out, jogging, muscle relaxing, massaging, stretching tools, organizing football matches for teams and planning tournaments for students at a cost.
  5. University staffs including Lecturers can be part of the exercise teams and programmes can be marketed to the School Authority as part of staff welfare packages.
  6. Include a sales store for the sales of sporting materials, like Jersey, Football, Training kits, Sporting drinks and healthcare foods.
  7. Give Health talks and seminars from time to time in your Fitness class and can be taken to radio stations, TV houses or other media platforms.
  8. Provide personal instructors to interested subscribers at an higher cost.
  9. Talk about inclusion of dieting exercise and concentrate more weight loss & fitness.
  10. Follow Health and fitness blogs online to learn more on things to add.

3. Business Centre : No matter how competitive this campus business might be, the truth is that, there is always an ever increasing demand for students documentary services. Students get assignments from classes daily, mostly typed and printed ones so, you can’t go wrong in this business. Services often offered are printing, typing, project binding, internet services, Sales of Stationeries materials, passport photograph taking and photocopying services.

Printing: A friend once told me, that at the University of Ibadan sometimes ago, that a man opened a strictly printing office with many printers at affordable prices and on “the bigger the work size, the lower the cost of printing term”. With this, you can have queues of students at your place, dropping between N500 to N1000 daily, for only printing service alone.

Passport: The least passport photograph you can take today will cost you no less than N500, charging lower cost will make your outfit desirable for most students and I know a woman who makes no less than N4,000 from campus passport business. Wait and Get passport is the In-thing now. Just get a good camera and instant passport printing machine.. 100k should get you this. If you make N1000 daily from this, under 3 months, you will make your money back and use the machines for longer years until you feel like replacing them.

Documentary service. Most students are very lazy when it comes typing of assignments and projects, in fact, many are looking for who could help and this is a good opportunity for you. You may not do this yourself. Put up a vacancy for freelance typist among the students, and give them jobs, while you cut off your profits from each jobs.

Typing a page cost no less than N50 now, so if a student type two pages, you get N50 from his or N100. I think that’s something. You are using his skills, and he is using your outfit referral.

Internet Services: This unarguably one of the juicy parts of this business. Most students usually need one or two things to print from the internet. If it is not course registration from e-portal, then it is admission checking for new entrants. Checking and printing admission status costs no less than N100 and you can get more than 10 a day.

Registration of popular Job forms are common on campuses too for Post Graduate students who are still applicants. Get a Job notice board.

Write out Job applications from NBC, MTN, NPOWER, FRSC, KPMG, NAVY, AIRFORCE, Massive Academic and Non Academic Job Opening etc on your boards and charge good cost for one. It Costs averagely #500 to

N1000 to register for an application, where you only enter applications credentials, fill forms and upload applicant’s passport photograph, which you can size to fit. (Many applicants have problem doing this themselves, so they often run to business Centre for help).

5 things you need to start.

  • A big Container shop or Office space
  • Like 3 pinters at averagely cost of 15k per one.
  • 2 desktop computer, a laptop, a modem, office chairs and table
  • A standby Generator, Notice board, and a standing fan.
  • Small Camera and Instant Passport Printing machine (You can buy fairly used here).

4. Foodstuff Store: Food is an essential need for students survival, hence most students don’t play with food. A visit to most campuses on resumption days will show you how students value foods, with heavy bags of food stuffs here and there as students troop into their hostels. But these usually don’t last long.

After few weeks, these foods are usually gone, hence students end up buying foodstuffs from school markets or stores around.
Guys especially usually don’t have time to go to far places, hence most buy from small retailers around the hostels.

With 500k to 1million naira, you can get a standard food store, with many services like Cold fish sales, turkey sales, meat sales, rice, beans, palm oil, vegetable oil, yam, spaghetti, pepper and tomatoes sales, pepper grinding services and others.

These are things you might need

  • A good shop around popular student area, where huge numbers of students must pass through daily or A container around students markets.
  • A regular supplier of food Items to your shop at reduced price.
  • A freezer for your freezing business, a Generator, a meat or fish scaler and Big Tables to place items on.
  • An helper or sales assistance because, the more items you sell, the more customers you get, so you will always need someone to help.
  • Proper record of Sales, to do check and sales balances daily.

5. Laptop and Phone Sales store: As Unbelievable as it may sound, the truth is that students still go outside campuses to buy their phones and Laptops for funny reasons that range from inability to get a good standard campus retail shop for these two things or offering of low quality items or at exorbitant costs.

These are 5 Reasons while you will Always get Buyers.

Unavailability or Few numbers of Standard Phone/Laptop Retail Outlets: A visit to many Campuses, especially state universities and Private Unis, reveals that popular brand phone-stores like “slots” are not on many campuses. This is a great opportunity for would be entrepreneurs to consolidate on.
The Youths and students are the biggest users of gadgets in Nigeria, and possibly across the globe, so demands will always arise on campuses.
Most students now enjoy being on social media sites, even more than facing their studies, so getting a good smart phone is a must for most.
Because doing Assignments and further studies are no longer about visiting Schools Library, the internet is now the safe net for all. Without a good smart phone or Laptop, you might not enjoy your studentship and that’s the fact.
There are now many student thieves, so student are fond of looking for quick replacement for their stolen phones. Your phone store could be a walk away to check cheap and quality smart phones too.

Things you need for this business

  • Good Suppliers or partnership with an already operating laptop and phone sales store in cities and towns.
  • You could start by being their annex and using their brand name as a franchise.
  • A good shop or big container partitioned into spaces with aluminum glasses or well designed plywood.
  • Show glasses, AC and Fan.
  • Sales Price tag or list on items and good customer relationship.

You need more??? See these list too;

  • Documents Processing
  • Gas filling shops
  • Game playing station or Centre
  • Boutiques or fairly used clothes retail shop.
  • Standard Barbing Shop
  • Good local Eatry and Restaurant
  • Student Hostels’ Agent office
  • Grocery & Medicine store
  • Tailoring shop or Outfit
  • Hotel and Guest house
  • Transport business (Okada and Keke Napep).

You are interested to know more? Then, send get the book, by sending us a message vial email at or WhatsApp me on 07063789912 to order for a copy.

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