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5 things that can transform your Pocket nicely

When one decides to push up his or her personal finance development, there are certain clues that often help and could drive one quickly to attainment – these clues are called factual Personal Finance tips. With my experience, listed below are 5 things that I feel can transform anyone’s pocket or finance in life, and many of which successful people can attest to, in their journey so far. Have a look!

  1. The SKILLS you have

The more Skills you have, the more you will be needed by different people. One of the greatest investments one can do to oneself is to keep learning different things. These days, you will be shocked that at the end of an interesting interview session, that some interviewer will still ask, that apart from all this big profile you have dropped or highlighted here, “I finished top class at Ife, Served with Davido in Lagos, did internship at Channels TV bla bla”. What else can you do??? Lol!
As an interviewee, you will be like, haba, all these things no do una? Lol.

Well, I think they are just looking for something others may not have. I tell people “I write” at every opportunity I have in interview. I sometimes also tell them that I can alsp give business development advice and I think I do this often in my present hustling place, aside my core task. My bosses will sometimes ask, “Lateef what do you think about this project”, and I’m happy I’m getting additional value.

There is also the story of a guy that went for a Job interview with an International Org, and was asked what else he can do, and he said driving, and that he can even drive a trailer… Lol!

Tips on financial freedom

He was hired immediately as a tush driver, when he could have been sent away.

Another one was about a dude who went for an HR person job, and became M.D’s Chef because he bragged he could cook anything and was tested Okay. So, it is a good thing to keep learning, especially handwork. Many people are educated now with certificates but few among us can get crafty..

2. The PLACE you’re – There is a general saying that “being at the right place at the right time is the perfect fit for being lucky”. You must fit, to enjoy luckiness. You’re looking for a corporate Job and you don’t move to the cities and leave those of us in the suburbs, you are only deceiving yourself, you will search tire, money sef, go hard you. Lol. Where you are residing can determine how much you will earn base on skills and knowledge you have. It pays to go to where you are valued than where you are just being tolerated. Adjusting can also affect your pockets nicely.

3. How you spend your TIME : Time they say is money – itself and should be spent wisely. If you must have money, you must work for it. There is even one funny quote that says “Rich people spend money to save time”, while “poor people spend time to save money”. Which ever way you look at it, there is a serious relationship between TIME & MONEY. If you keep wasting your time on unrewarding things, money will keep running from you. If you must waste time, just ensure it is something that would yield someday.

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4. What you KNOW: What you know is a key Identifier and distinguisher, just like the skills. Knowing is unique, because not many people know. A slave in an ancient folklore became rich because he was able to identify where a precious stone needed for an important sacrifice is. That’s uniqueness, not many know..

Who knows how to make Nigeria a better nation? You will be shocked that very few people think they know but actually most don’t know. Even our present president may not really know. You see, but whoever truly knows as claimed will be greatly valued and the reward for value is sometimes big money. So, keep learning to know.

5. WHO you know: In a country like ours, who you know really matter. You should know one person that knows another person. When every other thing fails, who you know might make a big difference – trust me. When you know real people in Nigeria, you will never lack, and I mean it, money will be smallest of all your worries. So keep connecting. Who you know & who knows you are of utmost importance.

So ti mo eyan moyan, so ti dawo ile aye? So mo Dangote? So mo Jagaban? So mo Otedola or IBD Dende? Lol! Just singing 9ice.

Trust you have learnt one thing here today? Smile.

Well, Keep it locked down in your mind and never stopped thinking about it.

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