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5 free advertising Ideas for your business

It is an incontestable fact that publicity through advertising is a formidable recipe for business growth, which helps to invite good sales and patronage.

Free adverts opportunities
Free Adverts opportunities

A professor in my business school once said that “no matter how good a product is, if it isn’t readily available for people or not known by many, it is as good as just any other product out there“.

This simply tells us how important marketing/advertising are for our businesses. Your service or product should be out there, being broadcasted daily to create awareness.

Having said this, one common reason people give for not making enough conscious efforts to promote their products is sometimes attributed to limited funds, – but research have shown that we can still enjoy advertising opportunities without paying a dine. I mean freely.

How? Well, see these 5 ways to advertise freely without a penny.

  1. Through Brands Connectivity: One easy way to promote your brand or product is by linking up with other brands or services in the same sector with you, especially for complimentary or supplementary services. I once saw a woman selling pure water in Lagos, who only places a big cooler filled with cold pure water beside a food vendor and she sells many bags in a day, inside a car park. This is better than Hawking or disturbing people by telling them to buy. You can position your business freely. Like this woman, for every single person that orders a table of food, she places a table of water beside such. After all it is hard to eat without drinking water. Which is not even healthy. So, if the food vendor makes money, she makes too. You can simply find someone to pair up with, whose customers can also find yours needful or irresistible.

A bicycle seller who places like 5 children’s bicycle in front of a nice Private nursery school, and tells the gateman to help sell with prices and certain cut for his service, has positioned his for patronage freely. There is likelihood that a child tells how or her parents, that Daddy or Mummy, I like the bicycle, buy for me. We all know how kids love bicycle. Just look for what compliments your business and consolidate on that.

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2. Through Social Influence : You can always talk to social influencers with lots of followers, if you have a good product or service they can promote for your. And when you sell, you give that something for the opportunity, they will be willing to do more for you.

And there are some who don’t even need your money. They are only helping you to grow too, especially if you are a small business owner. A brother on Facebook has been using his social influence to get buyers for another friend at his home town who sells ram yearly during Sallah. Once his ram arrives from the North, he informs this brother, who makes post about it with pictures and what we hear the next few days is that all the rams have been taken. You can imagine!

You can make cool money here too, which can even lead to continuing referrals.

3. Through Words of Mouth: One can always tell others about his or her business freely in few lines, in a way that your name will register into their brain once such service is needed.

Free adverts opportunities
How to advertise Freely

A woman who sells pap in my area can wake you up with her lovely sign of “Ologi yin ti de o”(Your dear pap seller is here) from afar, in a way that have registered in people’s minds. Anywhere you are, don’t hesitate to tell people about your business by words of mouth. In church or mosque, in class or meetings, WhatsApp group etc – a few publicity about your business won’t cost you a dine.

4. Through your Social Platforms: Getting accounts on social media is almost free today. It costs nothing to open a Facebook account, Twitter, Instagram, Nairaland account etc – all of which can give you the opportunity to get visibility for your business, where you can meet limitless numbers of people. No matter what, never stopped posting about your business online. Let your business promotion take a greater percentage of your social time. If you don’t get customer today, you are already getting into people’s mind with what we call brand recall in marketing class.

A Few days ago, a younger brother of mine currently serving the nation, sent me his CV to help review for an Interview. I looked through and what I saw is not near a standard CV. So, I told him that we should get a good crafted CV from a CV Writer – even though I don’t really know anyone like that. After our discussion, I started thinking – if I can remember anyone, then this egbon comes to my mind – Mr. Tokunbo. I remember he used to write about how a CV should look like and how he helps people design for a cost. So, I contacted him, got a deal, and he delivered the CV the same day. In fact the boy liked the CV so much and remarked that, “O ga o, we have actually been doing rubbish”

Social media for businesses

You can always get good patronage from your social account. Utilize this more.

5. Unsolicited Leverage: This is another one that I have seen people doing that works. It is about utilizing opportunity of crowd or followers visibility presence to freely promote your product. It can be annoying but I have seen it working for some. One day, I made one post on Nairaland forum on 3 lessons I learned at ATM Point, and a guy was the one that first made a comment before the post reaches front page, in what we call “first to comment” now.

He simply reacted to the post. When he realized that the post is now on front page, he went back to edit the comment and introduced his product by saying.

Wow. Meanwhile, I sell this for any buyers”. And he added a picture.

Ways to advertise freely.

Another person added this by attaching a beautiful picture of one of his products and to my surprise, many people started reacting to the post asking, asking how much and some saying that need his number. This is a post that has over 80,000 viewers and was on Nairaland front page for 8hours. I can’t even imagine how many people would have called him.

Similarly, I have also seen people advertising on comment sections of online newspapers, like thenation, Premiumtimes, punch etc. Others do this on sponsored posts. Like this one below. It is on a sponsored post on Nikkon Camera and this second comment below advertises on free photography training in cape town.

Photography training free ad on sponsored post

Most times your comment will be deleted if you just didn’t put your normal comment before chipping in your ads, but if you follow this wisely, you can sell tons. These are newspapers with over a million people reading them daily online by following their pages. That’s an unquantifiable visibility. You can leverage on that freely.

Do you find any of these in anyway helpful? Don’t hesitate to drop your comment. Thanks

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