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5 things you should know about Ads selling E-book Online

With today’s heavy use of internet to promote businesses, it is no doubt that it’s a great time for writers and content producers with millions of readers online looking forward to learn one thing or the other. Today, there is now an increasing usage of Facebook for commercialization, especially for content promoters that claim to provide one service or the other ranging from how to make money online, how to travel abroad for studies, how to score 9.0 in IELTS without studying much, or like I wrote in a post sometimes ago on starting raw food business in Nigeria and a host of others.

Many times I have seen loads of content writers that sell good and quality information but many can become serious disturbance and a wrong choice to you if you’re not careful.

EBook sellers

Below Experience is typical of what you may go through when you encounter one online.

An Online sponsored ads promoter will give you a 200kb free download to one PDF file on “how to travel to Jamaica without having one naira”.

You will see plenty people on Facebook with “I’m interested”. And sometimes some even drop phone numbers without any reason to do so. You will read. “I’m saibu bako, +2345555577780, with, pls forward me the file. Thanks” Lol

And many other people like Saibu will be like “Hmn. And this thing fit be true oo. Na lie na lie, naso opportunities dey walk person by o”.

And you sef will be like, hmn. Make I try am too abeg. Mo le je lo beyen (I fit go be lucky) Jamaica yaaaa. (Let’s go Jamaica)

Just drop your mail address, and that’s it – You are done for. Lol

Na every 5mins dem go dey send you mail. With “Good morning Lateef Monday, Do you know in Jamaica, you can get 20,000 US dollars in a day?”

Ask how?

Just Pay N5, 000 to this account Adams Kay GTB 807004333 – for a total package well researched comprehensive e-book called the “Super power Jamaican Dream man” and you are on your way to becoming a super rich dude. Lol

You see, I’m supposed to sell this E-book for N20,000 but I will be selling at discount price of N5000 to first 10 people.

I’m sent to make your Jamaican dream to be possible. This is my 11th year in Jamaica..

In this E-book you will also see 25 ways to make money freely in Jamaica without living your room.

See what Andrew Okon currently living in Jamaica has to say.

And you will see plenty WhatsApp screen shots. Lol

Next is Lateef my friend, what are you waiting for?

Lol. That’s it. Can you relate?

Well, here are 5 things to know about Online eBook sellers.

  1. Not all information are as easy as claimed : The law of sacrifice will always come in to harvest any yield. If anything is telling you a too good to believe message. It may not be as it seems o. Shine your eye. I’m a content writer. I write information for people and I buy too just to enrich my knowledge. Just be sure you’re buying right.
  2. Not that free: One thing you must know is that most that claimed to be free are not totally free. You have to be worried on why someone will sit down, sacrificing time to write about how to travel to Canada easily and you think it will be free when he knows how many of us in Nigeria will jump at a Canadian traveling secret offer. Lol.. In short it is a bait to woo you. Get your mail to keep you close to keep having those information you will Keep paying for, live and direct in your mail. If you are not careful, you will buy tons in months.
  3. E-books are not for Lazy readers: Whether it entails rubbish or quality information, you must read first to know what’s written there. If you can not read or you easily get bored reading, just don’t disturb yourself. Just go to YouTube and go and be watching videos. Lol
  4. Avoid dropping emails online anyhow. The distractions and disturbances can be so annoying as some may be throwing you one every one hour. God helps any one if you are expecting an important mail. So, to avert this, drop your other email address. It saves you the disturbance.

5. Research more on whatever you read – Don’t just do follow follow.. Oh, you load 500 recharge card and you get 300 credit alert in your bank account through recharge and make money. Don’t just believe it. Yes, I know making money is about risks. But try and do your findings well. I give people clues and tell them to research more. Whatever you want to do must be up to you. No forcing! Don’t get coerced.

Do you like this information? Any advice or contribution? Feel free to drop a comment on this post. Thanks!

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