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Becoming a Brand’s face & The Journey so far – Mojèrè

I personally became interested in Mojèrè Shinaayomi as a Facebook friend sometimes last year, when I saw one creative billboard advert with a man holding a coke bottle, that looks like those footballers’ coke adverts that we see around, in town. Well, I started liking his posts and commenting on some of the creative stuff he does, and one day he reached out to me by sharing his Idea on how he wants to attract brands attentions, to become a brand ambassador. His dreams were as clear as crystals, and I saw in him, a man who is determined to achieve his dream.

Well, I was just enjoying my time on the internet days ago, when I read the news that this guy has been made a brand ambassador of a new startup called SponsCalls company. Follow them here. So, I decided to hear his story on the journey so far, to learn from his fighting spirit which I believe can be an inspiration to others too. Enjoy the long interview with Mojèrè.

QMy name is Lateef Eluyemi, a Content Creator and an Online Publisher. It’s good to have you and congratulations on your recent endorsement as a brand ambassador. How do you feel about the good news now?

Mojèrè – Thanks for reaching out to me Mr Lateef, and it’s a great pleasure having you on this our social space too.
Well, talking about the newest achievement – it is a dream accomplished and I must say, that I really don’t have the right words to explain my deepest gratitude and feelings right now. But I must say, history have been rewritten.

QOh. Nice! Congrats once again. I can even feel it from here. Smile. But before we proceed, our esteemed readers would like to know at least a little about you – Your upbringing, (background so to say) and the journey to this stage.

Mojèrè – Once again, I am wowed!
And about me – I’m Mojèrè Shinaayomi  by name, born into the family of Adejare. Mojèrè is a poet, tourist, model, influencer, a radical advocate of African Culture and a friend of humanity.
I hold a bachelor degree in English and Literary Studies from the prestigious University of Ibadan.

Born in the ancient Oyo town and he’s deeply rooted in the Yoruba traditions, values, norms and cultures.

I’m currently engaged in two big projects vis-à-vis Revitalizing Arts and Cultures in Africa and a fearless  Pursuit for an Endorsement from Coca Cola bottling company.

Mojèrè is a pragmatic dream chaser  who believes that his insanity would someday become sanity as he expresses himself by showing the world the story of a street child who believes his voice can be heard.

Mojere Shinaayomi has successfully handled, promoted and protected infant indigenous brands. He adopts strategic measures to boost local products. Such strategic measures include; bringing the products to the doorsteps of end patronizers, creating influential awareness of products through proper strategic branding and media promotions.

Right, from childhood – I have had this uncommon passion for Arts and ever since, I have had this dream of wanting to get an endorsement deal from any company in Nigeria but having prepared, I used coca cola company dream as a step ahead & to test run my ideas and concept.

I must tell you, it has been very challenging, life treats me well, the struggle so far had been tough, rough and with punches of life – but I have learned to live everyday as if it’s my last day. I meet every punches of life like a trained boxer fighting to be a champ. Smile.

QInteresting..   Talking about about Brand Ambassador of a thing, what really does a brand ambassador do? – because I used to think only celebrities and the highly influential folks can become brand ambassadors, and that brands look for them and not the other way round. But I have recently learned from you now that just like the way comedians and MCs, are becoming brand’s face, one can also turn something like this to a serious dream and hustle than I had thought. Can you enlighten us? What does brand ambassador do and what does it take to be one?

Mojèrè – Well, becoming a brand Ambassador is a daunting task. In my own view, a brand Ambassador should be ready to give extremely creative initiatives that would help improve brands.

Being an Ambassador is beyond having a large number of fan’s base but about what value you’re adding to the brand’s growth in terms of strategy, marketing and ads making, ranging from visual and documentation in pictures.

And on what it takes to be a brand Ambassador?

Hmn.. You see, I once have this fear to tell the world that anyone can be a Brand Ambassador but now I stand like a rock ready to face congregation just like a pastor standing at the pulpit preaching the gospel, that anyone can become a brand Ambassador not minding if you’re from the street or a product of circumstances. You just have to work on the right path and believe in what you do. They will come for you someday and somehow.

And the striking uniqueness for me is that Mojèrè you are seeing is not just an everyday ambassador. He is one who is already made and using his stardom as a force to influence. He is a promising ambassador.

QHmm.  Quite revealing and educating.  So tell us about your brand company that you will soon become their face of gospel – Sponscall? What exactly is this all about?

Mojèrè – Well ,I thought we’re still in the mood of celebration but it seems my fans and love ones are in quick anticipation wanting to know what sponscall Integrated Services is all about.

So, very quickly Sponscall Integrated Services, is a relay call platform, with the mission of spreading happiness through effective communication with well scripted words, which would thereby leave the recipient with the feeling of being loved and at the long run provides a peaceful coexistence among members of the community and the world at large.

*Sponscall* is a surprise call platform, where we serve as an intermediary between people and whosoever they wish to call, conveying their heartfelt messages or wishes in an emphatic manner and in such a way that would leave the recipient with the feeling of being loved and appreciated. We make calls such as appreciation call, apology call, birthday call, anniversary call, corporate call and so on. Note, our outlet are outside the Nigeria as well.

Q – I have heard of similar innovative idea of giving surprise calls from some other new ventures, how is sponscall different from others? And how affordable is their service?

Mojèrè – Well, I will first simply tell you that a trial will convince you that sponscall have a well designed strategy and service with affordable price. Among top Unique selling point for us is that we do visual and audio recordings, which you have the opportunity to, listen to the conversations our calls to your loved ones, to know their expressions and feelings of our clients. We have done it several time and we have been given recommendations from corporate firms and individuals.
Our services are quite affordable, so small that it is even what an infant can purchase ranging from 1k upward depend on the service you want us to deliver. Note, we are not after the money but our motive is largely to impact, share love and put a lasting expression of happiness, love and smile on people’s faces. I can recall a testimony from many couples that we settled their dispute and differences. Really, it’s been fun all the way.


QSmile – That’s enticing I must say. So what’s your take on the impact of social media on brand’s promotion and what’s your biggest online platform for creating awareness?

Mojèrè – Thanks for the compliment sir. One thing is this, – The line between passion and hobby is a  very thick one. This, we must note. For me, hobby is what you do when one is less busy but a passion ignites a drive which one pursues with zeal and zest.

We’re in a global age and media is beyond what people takes it to be lately.
I’m one of the people that media have had a great impact on – especially on my private life and career. Social media is beyond posting pictures about your family or where you live. Social media is a platform where you can sell yourself out to the world.

Social media is what I can’t joke with. I have invested in it for years. Built my reputation and integrity and network map, where Mojèrè has suddenly become a small household name. Mind you, I got my first endorsement deal via social media, so you can see the impact of Social media from that angle.

My biggest online platform is Facebook then follow by IG. Aside my personal account,I have a brand page as a public figure managed by PR.

QCool!  Glad to read about personal branding. Can one personally brand his or herself online and still maintain privacy?

Mojèrè – Well, you can choose to market yourself on your platform and your brand as well –  it depends on your audience and being a master in the game. And if you want to remain relevant, then you should be ready to give us something new, something uncommon, something unusual, something extremely extraordinary creative. This should be considered in marketing and branding.

QThanks.. Now, let’s go personal. I remembered our many chats sometimes ago, on how you badly wants my validation on what I think of your brand – if you are doing something that will yield results and I replied back that ‘Yes, I believe you can”.  Looking back now, I can’t but say you are a dream chaser. What advice do you have for others with one talent or creative idea or the other, who are just scared of what the future holds?


Mojèrè – My words are simple. Believe in yourself. To the little black boy on the street – I see the potentials in you and I want you to know that no one will believe in you,  if you don’t believe in yourself and your dream first. And  I believe in the power of your dreams.

So, If you believe like I do, If you dream like I do. If you have faith like I do, If you know the power of I-CAN like I do, then you can achieve anything.

There’s no limit to what we can achieve, you can make the impossible possible.

QGreat…  Now, what should we expect from you in this new assignment and we
where do you see yourself in five years in pursuit of your dream?

Mojèrè – Honestly, expect a lot from me in this my new office.  The concept will surely travel far and wide. This I can assure you. My hands are tight and my team are dedicated with a well design workforce.

In the next five year, I must say that’s too far. In the next two year, Mojèrè would have been an household name, building an empire on this space. Trust me.

QSmile.  I like your confidence. So, If I come to you today, to advise me on the best words to keep pushing me, in achieving my dreams, and what should keep me going in my creative business, and in few lines, What will that be?

Mojèrè – I will say Determination, Consistency. I will tell you frankly that humans are designed and destined to face challenges but when they come, just be strong enough and find an ending solutions and let your mind dwell little on the challenges.

QWhere are you based and how can you fans reach out to you?

Mojèrè – I based in Lagos.
I can be reach out to via

QOne final word to all our friends on Facebook, and lots of our readers on Omoelublog & Naijalocals?

Mojèrè – I must say, I really commend your effort and you’re a star among all.
I’m honored to  interviewed on your space here.

QIt’s a pleasure having you here too and we sincerely wish you all the best in this new assignment and I do hope that the best is yet to come from you? Yoruba will say “A sèsè n méye n bo lapo ni” (We are just about bringing out the bird from the pocket, it’s not out yet) Is this parable for you too? Lol

Mojèrè – Amazing! You must know I’m well knowledgeable in Yoruba too.
You need not to translate in English before I understand. Lol!

Thanks for the session and thanks for giving a voice to the street child whose insanity becomes sanity. It’s a privilege not a right to be spotted on your blog. Once again, I’m honored to be honored!

QSmile! Thank you for your time..  Enjoy the rest of your day. We hope to hear from you in no distance future.

Mojèrè – Definitely. Enjoy yourself too.

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  1. Khadeejah Olagold Hassan

    This is Impressive.Mojere Shinaayomi,your insanity is becoming sanity but you aren’t there yet,you still have alot to achieve,I must say that this is just a tip of the iceberg , you are an ambassador of DETERMINATION AND CONSISTENCY. I pray to God to put you through.Keep winning.

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