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Leaked Sex Video: 5 ways to protect yourself

Just like every hot trending news or gist, almost every one will want to have a piece of it to know what’s up. You can see from social “kurukere” (Ups & Down) in the last few hours.

In fact, the way some people are already jumping from one post to another searching every social networking sites just to find the naked leaked & viral video of Kannywood Actress, Maryam booth, you will think they have never seen a naked woman before in their lives. Lol

“Where is the video o. Where? Link me pls?” Habaaaaa. Lol!

Well, I’m glad the video is only for few seconds, and it is less of a damage, but the scandal will forever live with us, even though we are in an era where nudity means nothing special again.

I can remember how one politician’s naked videos went viral online in 2018, for being found in a strange place at night during heating election period.

2yrs after, the man became the Speaker of the house. So, it doesn’t stop some future or life of sone to remain at standstill. Like Oga Jide Kosoko said in Merry men movie, when Comedian AY gangs (the merry men) asked him to send certain millions of naira to them and forfeit a mouth watering contract, otherwise they will release his sex video online to bloggers.

He blatantly told them “for wetin”, to loose billions to few minutes video and urge them to go ahead that people will talk and after 24hrs, another hot news will land, till they are forget about him. Hearing this, the Merry men became weakened immediately.


I think this hour will also past too, for the Kannywood actress. But then, there are few piece of advice for whoever is reading this, which should be lessons to all of us.

  1. Never be pushed or be happy, to be filming your nakedness for pleasuring. Especially if you have a name to protect in the society.
  2. If you must do, ensure they get deleted immediately. Go and delete that video now, anyone may run into them.
  3. If you must keep them, please ensure they are properly locked and no one can access your videos without your consent.
  4. If you have strong password and secured Items, that no one dares to touch, remember they might be stolen and given to hackers or phone repairers to unlock them. We hear news we watch films – things are happening. Protect yourself.
  5. If anyone is requesting money from you to leak your naked video – be assured that It is more better for you to report to appropriate quarters, and security forces than getting scared of the damage it might cause you. Because as you are reading this, some people are still sending all their life’s investments to someone somewhere just to stop them from posting that sex video online. And sometimes after many deposits with just one single non-compliance, they still eventually send it. And sometimes they collect money from bloggers. How sad you say right?

Well, read the 5 warnings again and keep it close at heart and in mind.

Sorry I don’t have any video to show you, just lessons.

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