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Ile-Oluji Bank Attack & Lagos Okada Ban: The Crime within

Ile Oluji attacked bank
Ile Oluji attacked Bank

The Bank robbery attack that took place at Ile Oluji town yesterday, where no fewer than 4 lives were lost Including those of mobile policemen, when some wicked armed gang overpowered them – is no doubt an unfortunate one and another signal that we need nothing more, but an enhanced security outfit. The gory pictures that littered the Internet since I put-on my phone this morning, is nothing good to feed the eyes with, but rather for the eyes to see far and think deep on who might be the next victim.

True to it, there can never be any meaningful development in some towns with the way we are going as Armed robbers now love to attack banks in developing towns and once they strike the bank closes for years if not for ever.

The memories of Oye Ekiti bank robbery, only 3 months ago at a UBA branch, where not less than 2 lives were lost is still fresh in mind.

I think Incessant bank robberies though may not be curbed totally, can be reduced. The Offa incidence is one I can’t forget in a hurry. We need more than police to fight against this sinister to foil plans. Banks are not in the bush. People are always around – So, empowering some people in local communities is the best approach through community policing. Forced men and thieves not aliens or robots, they are people like you and I.

There are many towns today with small businesses where people have to travel down miles because robbers have made setting up a bank an unreasonable Idea. It has crippled many local economies.

As I write, only God knows what some are planning right now, and sadly we have no armed security to challenge this scourge and many other security challenges affecting us. Only few days ago, I wrote about the importance of Amotekun at a time like this, with the assassination of Alhaji Fatai Oko-oloyun and each day after, comes with another challenge of its own.

Now, thinking loud – the truth is this, those who are tormenting us are part of us. Robbers are part of us. When you see interviews granted by police to them and see their ages from 20 to 30’s, you can’t but feel troubled at mind. These are youths who decided to take up arms to look for big money or to feed.

This is why I’m scared about this Lagos Okada ban. I have seen many reasons like Okada is being used to rob, okada breaks legs. They are boko haram. Lol. Laughable. If you stop Aboki not to ride bike, are you sending them out of Lagos? Someone sent me a message that let them go. And I asked! Where are they going to?

So long no government drives anyone away, they will remain and look for another thing to do, and albeit engage mostly in crimes because if Jobs are easy to get in the first place, probably they wont be riding Okada. Okada gives easy money. They might also be looking for another easier route of making money.

I can’t even imagine Osun State Government banning Okada today, that will be a serial killer. Because If I close my eyes now, I can’t count no less than 10 families feeding on bike riding. It will be unfair to stop all the 10men because one breaks someone ‘s leg and another is aiding criminals.

If there are bigger problems we are creating as a society, it is mass unemployment and increased crime rates across. This will not only affect Lagos state but all of us in the west. Who knows if the robbers that struck at Ile-Oluji yesterday were from Lagos.

An OAU Professor once said on a local TV station that a man in a village or a community with a beautiful a house, good car, good job and a good life but surrounded by children of the poor and cares not about them – should be disturbed, because one day, it is those children of the poor that will not only kill him but his children and burn down the house out of envy.

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I never stopped thinking about these words since I watched the interview. If you are the only one working among your siblings, you may never know peace until each has a job or most have, because they will live on you, and if you don’t care, you are gone already.

A society where people can not feed or something forbids them, will never know peace. They either break loose to survive.

A cat has been screaming at my backyard for days, and usually come from a house away. When I tried to find out why it is screaming like that, an elder said, it is looking for mating partners. You can’t keep an animal entitled for mating and production out of intercourse, rather it will keep finding by screaming to see if there is another close by, otherwise you may never see it again. The same is with goat, dog, etc. The easiest way to loose your he-goat is to deny him mating. He will travel far and find a new home where ever it finds a She. Iseyan nise eranko ( Humans ways are sometimes same with lower animals). Sex is like food too. Humans need them. Stopping a legitimate means of feeding is like genocide.

We should be concerned. People around us matters, how they feed is important. We may need them too. I heard in an interview that 4yrs is almost here for Sanwo-Olu for another election. If the people decide to revenge is a story for another day. But government will always need the people someday. This I know. If not as a body but as individuals.

I was in state years ago, when the Governor sent away some people displaying their wares around a place away, because government intends planting flowers around the place and no alternative was provided. Just go away, they were driven away.

The ADC to the governor I heard came with some mobile policemen to enforce the action.

A week later, the ADC was knocked down by a car fast moving car and no one could easily rescue him. Incidentally, he was rushed to an hospital right opposite where he came to enforce action days ago where he was pronounced death. The people he drove away were still secretly coming to the place, because they have no other life but to sell their petty stuffs to survive. When they heard of the death, they shook head..

I heard the Gov gave his wife N200,000 and that was the end, the rest becomes property of the Nigerian police.

Where am I getting at?

Ile-Oluju heinous crime action is a resultant effect of the kind of people in our society. People who call random numbers to lie that they are bank officials to get your BVN to steal your bank money money, or those who kidnap on highways and are demanding for millions of naira as ransoms.

We promote crime by some drastic decisions not well thought out, when we are not worried about unemployment particularly among the youths most especially the educated and the semi illiterates (The core illiterate might not be able to think). When an unemployed youth can think, there are two things, it is either he’s thinking right or far wrong. Either of the two is possible.

Our security challenge at present is enough worries, and I can’t imagine it getting more worse than this. Whatsoever action we must take as a people must involve many considerations, otherwise we will all pay for it – dearly.

My heartfelt sympathy goes to the entire Ile-Oluji town, to the first bank of Nigeria Staff, and the Nigerian police. This is why we must together join hands to better fashion way out to stop crime. Crime shouldn’t be an industry!

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