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One important thing to know when preparing for your wedding

There are many things to know when preparing for your wedding, but there is one you should never forget. What’s that? Read my wedding experience below.

I saw my wedding wrist watch where I kept it since the wedding day, this morning and I laughed.


A guy has been disturbing me to buy a wristwatch for what he calls my special day.

How much? N25,000. Lol.

I remembered the story my friend Hassan Lawrence told us a day after his wedding in July 2015. He said one of his brother’s wife forced him to buy one expensive wristwatch that the woman seems like she’s sent to make him broke.. Lol

I took a lesson from that.

Two days to my wedding, I took N20,000 to Lagere – I bought a shirt of N2,500, wrist watch of N2,000 and converted N5,000 to new notes – mostly N50 notes and N100.

I kept N5,500 – which was used to fuel the car that took us to Akure.

I can’t remember what I used the rest for.

Two guys saw the watch and said I like your watch. My wife saw it and asked how much I bought it. Told her If I tell her she won’t believe it. Lol.. She assumed it must be expensive.

That I never really used the wristwatch after makes it funny and justify the reason why I bought the right watch – panda (fake). Lol.

One lesson I learnt is setting your priorities right. Don’t buy what you will never need.

This above, is one important thing to keep when preparing for your wedding.

The biggest thing for me in a wedding ceremony is to provide enough food and nothing scares me like me fact that food is not enough or we haven’t eaten.

I believe once the official wedding rights are gone, the next paramount thing is to provide enough food to entertain guests.

After official cooking and preparation. I still used like 50k to provide extra food that I didn’t tell people about. Your parents or inlaw may disappoint you. They may be serving their own people first, and before you know it, many of your friends who traveled from far distances may never eat, but you may never know because you are sitting on the podium.

My wedding watch

No body will remember much about many things, the expensive stuff you used and how gorgeous your shoe was, or your wedding gown – but everyone will remember how you didn’t give them food. Talk like “Oh, I went for a wedding in kinikan town, lojokan bai.. Haa, iya ma jemi o” (I suffered at a wedding ceremony)

Most wedding gown become useless afterwards.

Most IV you print expensively can be resized to fit your pocket. No be to get address and to invite? Lol

Avoid wastes if you can’t comfortably afford much.

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