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Ero Arike: 10 interesting things about this Nigerian Local Balm

Ero Arike Local Balm Ointment
Ero Arike Local Balm Ointment

Ero Arike has become one of the most used analgesic cream or local balm ointment to reckon with, in Nigeria for many reasons. Today, it is fast rubbing shoulders with the giants in the industry like Robb and Aboniki. But as popular as this local balm is becoming lately, very few information are available online to answer many questions many users may want to know about this balm. I have taken my time to research as a user and one who ask questions from other users of the product.

So, here are 10 interesting things I researched about Ero- Arike.

  1. Ero Arike is a popular locally made balm ointment, made in a natural way from local herbs, and other locally sourced materials and it is meant to be used for many things ranging from cough, headaches, cold & Catarrh, Painful joint, Arthritis, Rheumatism, aching body, cramps, muscle challenge and lots more.

2. How to use Ero Arike Effectively – It is used topically by rubbing on the affected parts of the body and can be taken orally too. Yes, It is safe. Just put small using tip of spoon and dissolve in warm water and drink.

3. Efficacy as Home Remedy: Nursing mothers in local communities have confessed to it, as very effective for children, in preventing cold and catarrh. A lot of mothers I have met have never stopped attesting to this, which is positive product review and feedback. Just ask around when you visit some towns in south west particularly in Osun state & Oyo State. For babies, with mild headache, coldness, cough etc, Putting small in warm water to ingest, or rub around chests, forehead and nostril have proven to be very effective in treating mild cases.

4. It serves as first aid for many homes – before you visit the hospital. Many times, when there is a little health challenge, having ero arike at home is a good way to go, as an alternative care.
I personally use it to rub my body after bath at night and when feeling any discomfort in my body.

5. People use it a lot for their little mobility challenge especially adults and aged ones, for soothing aches from movement and bones issues from from painful joints as a result of trekking, and old age challenge like arthritis and rheumatism.

6. Who is the owner of Ero Arike making Company? Alhaja Falilat Arike Adegboyega popularly called Alhaja Arike Elérò (the soother) a native of Iragbiji town of Osun State, is the brain behind the wonderful local balm. She’s also the Iyalaye of Iragbiji town and Yeyemeso of Ilase- Ijesha, Osun State. Alhaja Elero also comes from same hometown with the present Gov of Osun State, Gov. Adegboyega Oyetola.

Alhaja Ero Arike Fasilat
Alhaja Ero Arike Fasilat

7. How much is Ero Arike? Ero Arike is quite affordable and one small container as in the picture above goes for N200 for end users, and much lower in wholesales for retailers.

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8. Where can you buy Ero Arike? Well, the popular way to get one is by running into sellers who hawk with cars with sirens. The two times I have bought it, I buy through them and I buy as many as possible at reduced price, because I don’t know when next I will see them again. Though they come into town frequently, especially around market and public places, but I don’t think the distribution is nationwide.

9. Where can you find Ero Arike?Reselling Ero-Arike in your area, can be a good business and product to resell, because of the challenge of getting it in town but there is an Address to contact on the plastic container of the balm. It shows it is being made at the Back of Pace Setter Private School, Oke Mori, Boripe Local government, Iragbiji, Osun State. Address to contact is 08069516994 or 09068602674. Tell them you see the advert on this site.

10. Disclaimer & Facts: All information here are based on fact checking and research from users and it should be noted that even though Ero-Arike is awell established Local balm used in many homes in South- West Nigeria, it is however not alternative to seeing your doctor for proper medical care and examination.
I must also say that from my research, there have not been any reported case of side or adverse effects available to show disuse of Ero Aro. But incase you react negatively, which I seriously doubt, stop using.

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  1. Very effective. Thanks for the information.

  2. Very effective

  3. Folahan Olasumbo

    Where can I get it in Lagos

  4. I love ero Arike so much,use it to massage your body and experience the sleep ever. Alhaja Olorun a ma fun yin se o .Amin

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